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Our family recovery experts will help you make stragetic decisions about how to help your addicted loved one (while also taking care of your own needs), so you can stop wasting time, money, and energy on all the wrong things! 

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Living with an addicted loved one is an incredibly challenging and emotionally draining experience. The impact extends beyond the individual struggling with addiction and affects everyone in their close circle.

Every day feels like a rollercoaster of emotions. There's a constant undercurrent of fear, anxiety, and frustration. You're torn between love for the person and the anger or disappointment caused by their actions. Witnessing their struggle with addiction can lead to a sense of helplessness and despair. You may experience a range of emotions, from hope when they seem to be doing well to heartbreak when they relapse.

Relationships within the family and with friends become strained. Trust is eroded, and communication often breaks down. It's challenging to maintain healthy connections when the addicted loved one's behavior dominates the family dynamic. Resentment and blame can build up, leading to strained relationships that are difficult to repair. There's a sense of isolation as you may withdraw from social circles to avoid judgment or to protect the family secret.

You might also find yourself covering for their debts or dealing with the consequences of their financial irresponsibility. The financial strain adds an extra layer of stress to an already challenging situation.   These constant worries become a part of your daily life, adding more stress to an already tense situation.

Life becomes a continuous cycle of hope, disappointment, and heartache. It tests your patience, resilience, and emotional well-being. You may find yourself neglecting your own needs as you focus on supporting or trying to control the addicted individual. The constant unpredictability of their behavior creates an environment of instability, making it difficult to plan for the future or find moments of peace.

Finding support from others who understand is helpful.  But sometimes you need more than just a listening ear or a positive word of encouragement. 

 Even counselors avoid giving your direct advice.  

It's like you're wondering around in a dark maze full of landmines, and no one will give you the actual directions.  It's sooooooo frustrating!  

Sometimes you want some actual advice on how to handle real life situations, like... 

  • How to deal with manipulation
  • What boundaries you should set
  • What to do when they break your boundary
  • How much you financial help should you be providing.  
  • When and how to send them to treatment
  • How to respond when they say they don't have a problem
  • What to do, when someone else is enabling your loved one's addiction
  • etc....



Wouldn't it be nice to have an expert family recovery specialist to help you navigate these sitations with stratagy and consistancy? Someone to help you find the balance between helping them while also maintaining healthy boundaries for yourself. 


That's exactly what our family recovery membership program is designed to do.  


It's more than just support!  It's actual help!

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Member Benefits

1. Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Gain exclusive access to our experienced recovery coaches who will guide you through your journey. These interactive sessions are an opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and receive personalized support. Our family recovery specialists are here to help you navigate the challenges and celebrate your successes.


2. Advanced Skills Training for Parents and Spouses

We understand that recovery is a unique journey for both parents and spouses. That's why we offer specialized training tailored to your specific needs. Learn advanced techniques, strategies, and coping mechanisms to support your loved ones on their path to recovery. Our comprehensive training modules will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a healthy and supportive environment.

  • How To Change Your Thinking About Addiction To Be Set Up For Success
  • How to remember who you are and reclaim yourself
  • How To Regain YOUR Mental Health
  • How To Understand Your CHILD'S Perspective
  • How To Defeat The Difficulties Of Loving An Addict
  • How To Reframe Your Mindset
  • Know What Addiction Does To Their Brain
  • How We Get In Our Own Way With Our Thinking
  • How To Survive Holidays
  • How To Get Your Child to Treatment
  • How To Maneuver Dysfunctional Family Dynamics
  • Rigid Boundaries vs. Healthy Boundaries
  • Finding Balance
  • How to Talk To Kids About a Parents Addiction
  • Developing Healthy Relationships
  • Developing Resilience


3. Skills Building Activities

My favorite part of the membership is the monthly skills building challanges.  This is where the rubber meets the road!  Instead of just talking theory, you'll be putting your knowledge and skills into action.  And, the coaches and the community will be right there to support and help you along the way.  You'll be practicing skills like: getting out of the "bad guy" role, boundaries, self-care, and lots more.


4. Amber's Addiction Science Deep Dive

You'll also get access to Amber's 7 Part Series on the Science of Addiction: 

  1. Dopamine, Desire, and Movitation 
  2. How our brain reinforces addiction
  3. How addiction changes your brain
  4. Understanding willpower
  5. How to know if it you're addicted
  6. Stages of addiction
  7. Stages of  recovery


5. Community Support

Surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who understand your struggles and can offer support and encouragement. Our members-only forum provides a safe space to connect, share stories, and find inspiration. Together, we can overcome challenges, celebrate milestones, and build lasting relationships.


But that's not all! As a member of the Family Recovery Academy, you'll also enjoy exclusive access to bonus resources, expert interviews, and ongoing updates to keep you informed and motivated.

Expert Family Recovery Coaches


Campbell Manning

Not only is Campbell professionally trained with 10+years of expereince, she also has two sons in recovery.  So she understands the issue personally and professionally.  Campbell is especially good with

  • Self-care for family members
  • Financial boundaries
  •  Encouraging independence and postive self-worth
  •  Helping vs. enabling, and lots more....

Kim Garrett

Kim is also a professionally trained counselor with more than 10 years experience.  Kim specializes in helping people in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction. Kim is especially good with.

  •  Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Deciding when to stay/go
  • Protecting your children
  • Dealing with other diffuclt family members, and lots more! 

Do you feel like you've lost your sense of self?


What most people don’t know, is that when you engage or are forced to engage with addiction, whether directly or via a loved one…


It fundamentally alters the way your mind operates.


You know all too well that when addiction arrives, it doesn’t exactly bring the sunshine…


Rather, when addiction storms suddenly into your life, it brings negativity and lots of it.


Lies, anger, denial and fear. The list goes on and on.

And when you’re forced to exist in an environment that’s constantly made up of these negative emotions…


Eventually, these negative feelings become the default for your mental state.


For example, If you’re forced to suffer anxious thoughts every single night before bed…


Then eventually, your mind will begin to “default” to this state of anxiety.


Making you feel anxious, even when there’s seemingly no reason to be anxious.


Because not only does addiction change you, it actually rewires your brain.


After long enough, this negative mental-emotional model becomes engrained into your consciousness pattern and you begin to operate in what I call "default negative mode"...


This is the state of mind those touched by addiction are all too familiar with...


Constant anxiety, nagging fear, guilt and all manner of other negative emotions.


Emotions that rob you of your enjoyment of the gift of life, and keep you from living the life of peace and joy you want to live. 


Because no matter how hard you try to force yourself to feel happy, joyous or grateful…


The reality is that when your own brain has been WIRED to feel the complete opposite


Experiencing life-affirming positive emotions every day becomes as challenging as padding up raging rapids with a pool cue…


That’s why no matter how much positive thinking you attempt…


It never seems to make any lasting change in your emotional well-being.


That’s why you’re forced to go about your day with a nagging tinge of anxiety that never seems to leave you alone…


That's why no matter how much you try to force yourself to feel happy or optimistic, you always come back down, sooner or later to your default feeling of anxiety…




Most Popular

  • Weekly live group coaching calls
  • Advanced Recovery Skills for Parents
  • Advanced Recovery Skills for Partners
  • Participate in Monthly challanges



  • Weekly live group coaching calls
  • Advanced Recovery Skills for Parents
  • Advanced Recovery Skills for Partners
  • Participate in Monthly challanges

VIP Bonuses

☑️Amber's Motivational Masterclass- (How to illicit more change talk from your loved one)

☑️RecoverU - Recovery techniques based on personality

☑️12 Core Principals Of Recovery -(advanced online trainings by Amber, Campbell, and Kim) 


Frequently Asked Questions...

I got a lot out of the information I learned. My partner is now 110+ days sober, off all antidepressants, and tapering off his anti-anxiety medication. This group and Kim and Amber's guidance got me through a tough time, and I am grateful."

"This group has been invaluable. I confronted many of my enabling behaviors, and my motto became 'tag you're it'. And, I'm pleased to tell you my son got sober just over a year ago  (after two years of drug use that saw him get kicked out of school and basically live in his room).  His motivation was non-existent. A year later he has moved out, has a job, is paying his bills, and is looking into an apprenticeship.  It's wonderful to see his confidence, self-esteem, and joy returning. Words elude me to describe how thankful I am to you for all the work you do, it makes a huge difference. 

"I have gotten so much from this group. My son is not in denial anymore, and wants to recover on his own while continuing to work, but is realizing it's not going to be easy."


We're here to help you recover your loved one from addiction


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