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Whether it happened directly to you (or to your loved one) addiction changes us. It puts everyone into survival mode.   


Negative emotions like...






start driving all of our decisions and interactions. 

Little by little, we lose pieces of ourselves.  It happens slowly, so we don't always notice it.  Until one day, we realize that we can't seem to shift out of this state of mind.
So we focus on the addiction because we think that once that's fixed, everything will go back to normal, but we find out it's not so easy to break these patterns.


It doesn’t matter if you watch thousands of hours of addiction-related YouTube content. It doesn’t matter if you read hundreds of books, articles, and studies about how addiction affects the brain…


And it doesn’t matter if you enroll in every single online course that exists that teaches you how to stop using drugs/alcohol or free your loved one from the iron shackles of addiction…


Because in order to fully close the wound that addiction has brought you and your family… One must shift their focus outward toward healing instead of keeping it inward toward the pain.


If not, you’ll forever obsess over the trauma and get stuck resenting your loved one/s for the things they did/said while addiction was controlling everything.  

 (In fact, most people that come to our office DON’T find joy and happiness until they address the damage caused by the addiction.  

…even if they have successfully addressed the addiction)


This is exactly why we are introducing a completely NEW skill-based membership program that will help you shift your focus OUTWARD toward personal development and healing instead of the trauma that addiction causes.


And no, it’s not our YT content…


Or our blog…


Or the free guides, templates, and worksheets on our website.


This eye-opening transformational program will teach you the 12 principles that guide the recovery process in order to better understand, analyze, and combat these negative changes.  We want you to feel good about yourself and your relationships. 


Not only will you learn EXACTLY how to put a stop to your emotional reactivity, but you'll build stronger relationships, gain emotional control, and communication skills to prevent addiction from running the show…

But you’ll also come out of this with an entirely novel perspective on your life that will gravitate you toward a much more positive, healthy, happy life -


A life where you're not worried you'll become crazy and lose all your friends...A life where addiction isn't even a thought in your mind anymore...A life where you can finally focus on the brighter things in life like birthdays or family reunions.


So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the heartbreak, arguments, and trauma…

 And take that first step into the new world of healing…



Join our Advanced Skills Membership

There’s a fundamental key to the “Mental Recovery” process that you need to know about…

The kind of emotions and positive mental state that would allow you to once again wake up feeling happy and at peace,  actually excited for the day ahead


Imagine if you could beat addiction at its own game and “Rewire” your brain to HAVE to think positively?


Because the reality is…


Even if you’ve been stuck in an endless rut of negative emotion for years…


Even if you feel like you just can’t break free from the mental grip of addiction no matter how hard you try,…


In reality, If you can simply take advantage of a little-known therapeutical “mental rewiring process”


Then you can take a permanent mental detox from the negative influence of addiction for good, and finally make your mind an ally in the fight against addiction.


What most people don’t know, is that when you engage or are forced to engage with addiction, whether directly or via a loved one…


It fundamentally alters the way your mind operates.


You know all too well that when addiction arrives, it doesn’t exactly bring the sunshine…


Rather, when addiction storms suddenly into your life, it brings negativity and lots of it.


Lies, anger, denial and fear. The list goes on and on.

And when you’re forced to exist in an environment that’s constantly made up of these negative emotions…


Eventually, these negative feelings become the default for your mental state.


For example, If you’re forced to suffer anxious thoughts every single night before bed…


Then eventually, your mind will begin to “default” to this state of anxiety.


Making you feel anxious, even when there’s seemingly no reason to be anxious.


Because not only does addiction change you, it actually rewires your brain.


After long enough, this negative mental-emotional model becomes engrained into your consciousness pattern and you begin to operate in what I call "default negative mode"...


This is the state of mind those touched by addiction are all too familiar with...


Constant anxiety, nagging fear, guilt and all manner of other negative emotions.


Emotions that rob you of your enjoyment of the gift of life, and keep you from living the life of peace and joy you want to live. 


Because no matter how hard you try to force yourself to feel happy, joyous or grateful…


The reality is that when your own brain has been WIRED to feel the complete opposite


Experiencing life-affirming positive emotions every day becomes as challenging as padding up raging rapids with a pool cue…


That’s why no matter how much positive thinking you attempt…


It never seems to make any lasting change in your emotional well-being.


That’s why you’re forced to go about your day with a nagging tinge of anxiety that never seems to leave you alone…


That's why no matter how much you try to force yourself to feel happy or optimistic, you always come back down, sooner or later to your default feeling of anxiety…


The truth is Addiction has wired your brain to act as an enemy…




With the right methods, the brain can just as easily be rewired to become your ally.


Advanced Recovery Skills

(The Hope For Families Members Program)


The 12 proven recovery principles anyone can use to quickly take back full control of your emotions, build up ironclad positive mental health & actually start enjoying living your life again!

The 12 principles transformational program is the “brain-child” of three of the sharpest addiction recovery experts in the industry.


The program has been specifically designed for those either directly or indirectly affected by addiction, to enable you to quickly shift out of the mental trauma of “default negative” and into a more positive, healthy and free state of mental, physical and spiritual health, 


All without any guesswork, second-guessing or worrying about if you’ve got the right tools for the job…

This transformational “living and breathing program” is the first of its kind in our lineup, designed to give you the keys and support to practically implement the 12 core principles that guide a fast, effective and permanent, personal recovery process.

Why is this program framed into a membership package?

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from our viewers…


But over and over again, we receive one main request more than any other…


“We want more!”


  • More details on boundaries, resilience and actionable, practical steps.


  • More guidance on coping with the negative emotional impacts of addiction and how to actually go about improving mental health on a day-by-day basis.


  • More practical, actionable info on how to actually start living and enjoying your life again, guilt-free.


And I get it, while youtube videos are amazing for running quickly over concepts and practices, there’s really only so much you can learn from them.


So recently, we’ve been getting a LOT of requests from you guys asking for a new way to not only discover new, fresh and fast-acting recovery information…


But also real, live and regular guidance on how to actually implement this information into your day-to-day lives.


So, our team came together and agreed we wanted to find a way to directly support our community on a more intimate, practical and long-term scale.


Giving the full direct support and insights of an in-person meeting…


Without the price tag of a 1:1 therapy session.


We agreed that the best possible way to serve you guys best and continue to give the highest quality services we can was via a living, breathing monthly membership program.


So, we’ve created an elite recovery program with one goal:


To give you the expert principles and procedures to quickly get you back to not only living but enjoying your life again, and showing up as the person you want to be, no matter how strong the storm of addiction in your life may be. 

So what do I get when I Join?

Exclusive access to the first “Members Only” personal transformational program in our lineup, containing the priceless combined recovery knoledge of 3 addiction recovery experts.


Every month, we’ll give you the freshest, newest and most fast-acting practical recovery material straight from the therapy office, to your portal.


This monthly material is designed to help you make REAL progress in not only internally healing the trauma of addiction, but with many other overlooked aspects of personal development that increase the speed of the personal recovery journey.


There’s no anxious guesswork or long hours of “forum trawling” here…


Only fast-acting, practical expert-selected recovery information delivered straight to your digital door each and every month.


No stress. No fuss. No worry.


We’ll cover key recovery topics such as:


  • The simple steps to practically put a stop to emotional reactivity for good


  • How to efficiently build stronger relationships, almost overnight


  • How to easily gain ironclad emotional control and quickly develop “FBI Negotiator” tier communication skills with anybody, regardless of how flustered you might feel.


And much, much more…


Plus, every month, each of the experts will produce their own personal deep dive resources on a topic relating to your recovery, providing practical examples and guidance for how you can implement these practices in your own life to see accelerated progress.


But Here’s The kicker…

Because I understand how overwhelming, and sometimes daunting it can be to take on a large, new life-changing endeavour like this…


One that’s going to fundamentally improve the way you think, feel and interact with the world forever…


Just as I do with a client in the office, I want to be there to directly support you in this exciting new journey you’re about to embark on.


I want to actually help you make real progress in both understanding and directly implementing the information we give you…


So you can make the best possible personal recovery, and get back to showing up as the fun, excited and energetic person you want to be.




If you’ve got any questions about the practices, principles or how best to practically implement any of the procedures in your own unique situation, then every single month, you’ll have the opportunity to make direct contact with the hope for families team in a live “Members Only” Q&A!


This is your chance to get all your uncertainties, doubts and struggles about healing from the trauma of addiction put to bed for good, with some straight-talking facts from people who ACTUALLY know what it's like to live with addiction!

Yes! I Want Inside Access To The Members Only Division!

Get Access to all our

Family Recovery Specialists...

1st Wednesday of Every Month

Amber Hollingsworth


 Each month Amber will release a private video addressing topics such as...

  • Anxiety-Management
  • Relapse Prevention 
  • Discipline and Action
2nd Wednesday of Every Month 

Campbell Manning

 Each month, Campbell will be sharing the parent's perspective on topics such as...

  •  Responsibility
  • Self-Awareness
  • Forgiveness
3rd Wednesday of Every Month 

Kim Garrett

Each month, Kim will be sharing her perspective on topics like...

  •  Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Tolerance


The last Wednesday of Every Month 

Member's Only Live Call

Every month there will be a member's only live call where you can interact with all of our Family Recovery Specialists! 

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Advice
  • Get Multiple Perspectives

Our “Members Only” division is  for those who are ready to start seeing real, vastly accelerated positive results in their personal development, emotional growth and positive fulfilment in life.

No matter where you might be right now in your own healing journey…


No matter how badly you feel your mental health has been negatively affected by the effects of addiction…


And no matter how many times you’ve tried in the past to heal yourself and leave the fear, anxiety and worry of the past behind you…


With the practical tools and proven recovery practices, I’m going to give you…


You’ll finally have every bit of information and guidance you need to move on from addiction…


So you can make real progress in your journey towards living a life of peace, joy and fulfilment, free from the mental chains of addiction for good.

I’m Ready To Get Back To Feeling Like Myself Again!

PLUS, Because I want to reward action takers…


When you sign up today, I’ll give you 100% FREE access to not one, not two, but THREE of our most popular recovery programs!

What You’re Going To Get (100% Free)


Campbell's Positive Parenting Group (Free Acess)

To start, you’re getting every single piece (Over a year’s worth) of life-changing material that our in-house parent recovery expert, Campbell, created specifically for the Positive Parenting Group.

This information will go deep into:

-Identifying what phase of family recovery you’re currently in, 

-How to reframe your reality

-How to identify true and false narratives 

And much, much more!


But hang on, we’re not stopping there…


Kim's Empowered Partner’s Group (100% Free Access)

You’re also going to be getting ALL of the materials our relationship recovery specialist, Kim, created for the Empowered Partner's Group.

The information in this bundle will cover key topics such as

- How to preserve your sanity whilst living in the presence of addiction

- How to lay the foundation for healthy relations, 

-How to develop resilience and practical self-empowerment 

As well as much, much more!


Hold up, we’re still not finished yet…


“Recovery To Go Mini” (100% Free Bonus Access)

Not only are we giving you 100% FREE access to our two most popular recovery memberships…

But because I want you to stay 5 steps ahead of addiction at all times, I’ve also decided to give you the additional content I created for my “Recovery ToGo”, self-recovery course.

This info will go deep into my “Be & know it all” factory.

You’ll get a deep dive into the inner psychology of addiction that hardly anyone knows about, allowing you to get an inside scoop on the chemical workings of addiction, so you can understand, analyze and evaluate the best possible way to tackle it in your life.

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