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Whether it happened directly to you (or to your loved one) addiction changes us. It puts everyone into survival mode.   


Negative emotions like...






start driving all of our decisions and interactions. 

Little by little, we lose pieces of ourselves.  It happens slowly, so we don't always notice it.  Until one day, we realize that we can't seem to shift out of this state of mind.
So we focus on the addiction because we think that once that's fixed, everything will go back to normal, but we find out it's not so easy to break these patterns.


It doesn’t matter if you watch thousands of hours of addiction-related YouTube content. It doesn’t matter if you read hundreds of books, articles, and studies about how addiction affects the brain…


And it doesn’t matter if you enroll in every single online course that exists that teaches you how to stop using drugs/alcohol or free your loved one from the iron shackles of addiction…


Because in order to fully close the wound that addiction has brought you and your family… One must shift their focus outward toward healing instead of keeping it inward toward the pain.


If not, you’ll forever obsess over the trauma and get stuck resenting your loved one/s for the things they did/said while addiction was controlling everything.  

 (In fact, most people that come to our office DON’T find joy and happiness until they address the damage caused by the addiction.  

…even if they have successfully addressed the addiction)


This is exactly why we are introducing a completely NEW skill-based membership program that will help you shift your focus OUTWARD toward personal development and healing instead of the trauma that addiction causes.


And no, it’s not our YT content…


Or our blog…


Or the free guides, templates, and worksheets on our website.


This eye-opening transformational program will teach you the 12 principles that guide the recovery process in order to better understand, analyze, and combat these negative changes.  We want you to feel good about yourself and your relationships. 


Not only will you learn EXACTLY how to put a stop to your emotional reactivity, but you'll build stronger relationships, gain emotional control, and communication skills to prevent addiction from running the show…

But you’ll also come out of this with an entirely novel perspective on your life that will gravitate you toward a much more positive, healthy, happy life -


A life where you're not worried you'll become crazy and lose all your friends...A life where addiction isn't even a thought in your mind anymore...A life where you can finally focus on the brighter things in life like birthdays or family reunions.


So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the heartbreak, arguments, and trauma…

 And take that first step into the new world of healing…


 PLUS.... New members who sign up  now will also be getting access to:


1. All of the material that Campbell created for the Positive Parent Group


2. All of the materials Kim created for the Empowered Partner's Group


3. AND additional content Amber created for her Recovery ToGo online course

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Family Recovery Specialists...

1st Wednesday of Every Month

Amber Hollingsworth


 Each month Amber will release a private video addressing topics such as...

  • Anxiety-Management
  • Relapse Prevention 
  • Discipline and Action
2nd Wednesday of Every Month 

Campbell Manning

 Each month, Campbell will be sharing the parent's perspective on topics such as...

  •  Responsibility
  • Self-Awareness
  • Forgiveness
3rd Wednesday of Every Month 

Kim Garrett

Each month, Kim will be sharing her perspective on topics like...

  •  Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Tolerance


The last Wednesday of Every Month 

Member's Only Live Call

Every month there will be a member's only live call where you can interact with all of our Family Recovery Specialists! 

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Advice
  • Get Multiple Perspectives

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