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3 Coaching Sessions (Bundle) - Cambpell

Get Expert Advice Tailored to Your Specific Situation!

  • Talk directly with a family recovery expert
  • Get help making strategic decisions
  • Get support from someone who truly understands!


What People Are Saying:

I was so very comfortable, I think it takes a very special heart and person to make you feel seen, heard and cared for on a Zoom meeting. The advice I was given was eyeopening for me and gave me so many paths to following in the coming days. I not only learned a great deal I also received encouragement about some of the choices I had tried were positive. I needed to hear from a neutral party that I was not alone and or crazy!

Campbell was so great! I actually had fun telling her my horror stories. Looking forward to future meetings and creating a strategy with her.

I would recommend to Everyone!!

Because Campbell is a knowledgeable, compassionate, straight-shooter. I trust her implicitly because she has been there, done that. I feel she would not lead me down the wrong road. I love her wit. She is the kind of person I can relate to. She is respectful of my views yet she also can help me see what is most helpful for my son since I certainly do not have the depth of knowledge needed to help an someone suffering from mental health issues, trauma, and addiction issues that she does.

I've seen a few therapists to help with my addicted loved one. They all said 'leave him alone until he comes around'. Which I tried to do but it wasn't possible for me. Campbell gave me hope and advise that was feasible for me. No to cut off from him entirely, but letting him know it is his choice as to whether or not we have time together. It's rough right now, I hope and pray that with encouragement and love. And boundaries, we can get through this.

Very knowledgeable approach, ability to understand our situation, attention to detail. Friendly attitude. We have left the session feeling supported and with a clear plan on what to do next. Thank you!

Campbell was so kind helpful and direct. Gave the advice I really needed all these years. I know the road is still hard and long but I actually felt like I could formulate a plan for next steps with my son. So grateful.

I feel very comfortable with Campbell. She listens to my concerns and gives advice that is appropriate for the situation even if it is difficult to hear. No judgment and knowing Campbell has had her own family struggles with addiction that are in recovery gives hope.

Campbell was very helpful. She had great advice and clearly has a lot of wisdom. She gave me some easy, actionable steps to take that are uncomplicated, which I very much appreciate!

Campbell is very up front and real with her thoughts and knowledge to help with our situation. I appreciate her help so very much.

Campbell teaches you the skills needed to empower versus control. No one likes to be controlled yet everyone wants to be validated and empowered.

Campbell had some wonderful suggestions about the things I am currently struggling with and how to approach my son about recovery.

Because Campbell is a 10!! She's knowledgable but knows how to impart that knowledge. She's funny and irreverent in a respectful way! I get her. She gets me. And she knows it is a shit storm I am in right now which sometimes requires humor as well as serious contemplation.

Campbell helped 1) calm my nerves 2) gave me hope 3) helped me face reality 4) got me out of my looping head 5) told me what to do and what not to do 6) helped me form my own evil devious secretive plan to conquer and it made me feel like I had control and wasn’t powerless even though the plan appears like I’m giving my son control….ahhhh, Campbell, what a mastermind

Ease of talking to. Understanding of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction. Family disease, helping future generations. Important work. Seeing the big picture through your experience and patience.

"I’ve had two phone consults with Campbell and wanted to let her know that my son asked for my help in finding a rehab this week! He is there for around 30 days, then will transition to Sober Living somewhere while attending an IOP (that’s the plan). Just wanted to say thank you to her for her help and to Amber and staff for the helpful podcasts!"

I was searching for CRAFT method on YouTube and came across the channel. I started watching videos and sometimes when I can watch FB live. I’ve learned a lot. I decided I needed to speak to someone about my son and the latest and strategy. I called and made an appointment with Campbell. I’ve had two sessions and have really found them useful. After discussing with her Going forward I will be contacting her as needed as my son is not currently in full-blown crisis (yet) but I needed a start on how to move forward.

I find hope for Families very helpful truthful and honest about the problems at hand and give helpful solutions for the problems.

I've only had one session, but I was very impressed with how organized and knowledgeable everyone is regarding substance abuse. I’m very thankful to have found them.

You’re real!! Nonjudgmental. Empathetic. You listen and give advice/suggestions that are relevant. You understand addictions (& behaviors of addicts) in ways I’ve never heard it explained. You allow me to feel frustrated and cry is despair And most importantly, you give us hope that we WILL get thru times such as these. The support of services is priceless for our family!

"The counselors are very knowledgeable and answer questions directly and clearly. Their advice is great because it works which speaks to their experience in this field. They help the whole family and help determine roles and goals which is difficult to do on your own. They provide a very personal and unbiased experience that is hard to find with friends and family members."

Very informative- to the point. Not just vague ambiguous generalities. Takes the time to get to know the patient(s) holistically. Honestly just been the saving grace I needed.