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3 Coaching Sessions (Bundle) - Kim

Get Expert Advice Tailored to Your Specific Situation!

  • Talk directly with a family recovery expert
  • Get help making strategic decisions
  • Get support from someone who truly understands!


What People Are Saying:

Before talking to Kim, I was on a rollercoaster. I started to see positive changes after just one session. I take pages of notes every single time I talk to her, and I come away with so much wisdom. She's so calm and insightful. Kim is a gift from Heaven to me. I could not have navigated the last year of hell without her. I am so incredibly thankful.

The advice was very helpful and very specific as far as practically and realistically executing a difficult conversation. Awareness was brought to my own issues that get in the way, such as guilt/shame. Not generic advice but specific to my life situation.

Kim was kind and understanding, and had great feedback for me.

The advice really works. It has transformed my life, my marriage, and honestly my relationships for that matter. I would recommend you all to anyone with an addict in their life.

Kim was really so helpful and deeply understood my situation. I'm so glad I made this appointment.

Kimberly is great. I can't believe that more practices don't engage in this model. Highly recommend.

Of the 3 therapists I've met with, your group - Amber and Kim - are the only ones that offer options for learning how to manage keeping an addictive person in your life while still protecting and caring for yourself. Kim is a great listener and just seems to get where I'm coming from quickly.

Kim was so patient and kind and listened to a wide range of issues. She is extremely knowledgeable about the issues that I am facing during this stage of life. She helped me sort through a tangled mess of problems and decide which ones to prioritize and which ones to let go. Her advice and wisdom gave me a greater hope that I can keep pushing forward and improve my circumstances. I made this counseling session because my spirits had gotten so low over the last few months. I needed someone who understood and could give guidance and she definitely delivered beyond my expectations. She is an expert in this very difficult profession.

My son is enjoying the sessions with Kimberly

Kim is just a natural therapist. She helps me to find useful, simple ways to communicate and navigate what, at times, is a hopeless relationship with my qualifier.

As a mom of two teens, one who is addicted to nicotine and weed, I have turned to Hope For Families and I feel blessed to have found you! Your videos are so motivating and your Invisible Intervention course has been a lifesaver. My sessions with Kim have been amazingly helpful. In each session, I feel heard. I know that in the hour we have together she is hyper focused on my needs and those of my family. Not only does she give amazing advice and lots of “sound bites” I can use after our session, but she spends time educating me on what is going on in my teen’s addicted brain. She makes it all make sense so that I can focus on helping the situation and build the relationships in my family. THANK YOU to Amber and the whole team for all you do. Your work is changing lives and I wish that it continues to reach all families that need this message.

Kimberly is awesome I really value her guidance.

It was a calm, complete and focused conversation. Kim was prepared and I feel so much better about facing the next few weeks!

I was walked through how to have specific conversations. Things were brought up that I hadn't thought of. Very helpful.

im is fantastic. She always has timely and spot on advice to help me navigate next steps.

Kimberly is great!

My time was well managed. I asked for an action plan and I got one. Very professional and down to earth. Tine well spent. Thanks!

I enjoyed the visit with Kim. She helped my to reframe my thought process with my marital situation. I look forward to future appointments.

Kim was so insightful! I felt as if she knew my son personally. She has so much knowledge about mental health and substance abuse disorders. She was easy to talk to. Thank you!

Kim is the best. So deeply insightful and always helps me move through the next part of this process!

Kim was really helpful in helping me process and get some clarity around boundaries and language to use with the KRAFT method.

You and your team have so much wisdom and knowledge. I prayed for help for years and God brought me to you. You guys are also not into new age weird things. I'm always very cautious when it comes to counseling. My relationship with my alcoholic husband and my children is better because God brought me to you. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom in these very hard times.

"I love Hope for Families. I love Kim! Her knowledge, patience, and investment in her clients shows every time I meet with her. I come in with my shoulders up around my ears from stress. I leave relaxed and able to breathe."

Very informative- to the point. Not just vague ambiguous generalities. Takes the time to get to know the patient(s) holistically. Honestly just been the saving grace I needed.

"The counselors are very knowledgeable and answer questions directly and clearly. Their advice is great because it works which speaks to their experience in this field. They help the whole family and help determine roles and goals which is difficult to do on your own. They provide a very personal and unbiased experience that is hard to find with friends and family members."

You’re real!! Nonjudgmental. Empathetic. You listen and give advice/suggestions that are relevant. You understand addictions (& behaviors of addicts) in ways I’ve never heard it explained. You allow me to feel frustrated and cry is despair And most importantly, you give us hope that we WILL get thru times such as these. The support of services is priceless for our family!

I've only had one session, but I was very impressed with how organized and knowledgeable everyone is regarding substance abuse. I’m very thankful to have found them.

I find hope for Families very helpful truthful and honest about the problems at hand and give helpful solutions for the problems.