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What People Are Saying:

Once, I started applying techniques (like motivational interviewing), and the results were immediate. The process of recovery as a parent is critical. I did not know how much I could and needed to learn until I discovered Amber. It's worth all the listening, educating, and applying. I am deeply grateful for the approach and support of Amber and team. I’ve seen the deep power of educating myself, working on boundaries, and coping skills.

This was an excellent group and gave me many tools to help me through everything. My health and mind have improved so much, and I now have boundaries and feel so good. This has helped my daughter as well. She is 5 months clean and working her program. I refer you to others needing help. Thank you!

This group has been invaluable. It was a success. Through what I have learned, I have confronted many of my enabling behaviors, and my motto became 'tag you're it'. In regard to my son. I'm pleased to tell you my son got sober just over a year ago (after two years of drug use that saw him get kicked out of school and basically live in his room). His motivation was non-existent. A year later he has moved out, has a job, is paying his bills, and is looking into an apprenticeship. It's wonderful to see his confidence, self-esteem, and joy returning. Words elude me to describe how thankful I am to you for all the work you do, it makes a huge difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish I had found this resource earlier-- it's the best overall

This group has been great the help and information here is invaluable and I think you are all angels doing God's work here on earth I got a lot out of the information I learned. My partner is now 110+ days sober, off all antidepressants, and tapering off his anti-anxiety medication. This group and Kim and Amber's guidance got me through a tough time, and I am grateful.

This group has been a godsend. My wife has completed a 30-day treatment program and has been sober for 45 days.

The challenges helped give a focus to open up discussion in a playful and fun way. Making it easier for future chats.

The challenges are fantastic. I love how they are simply broken down into chunks that I can actually do. NOT just a bunch of useless slogans like: love yourself! Go to Alanon meetings! Leave! You’re not humble enough yet!

The challenges help me focus on one thing at a time, and I can already see the lines of communication open up with my loved one.

This has been so eyeopening. I didn't realize how closed off I had become. I have learned to lighten up, which helps ease tension and makes it easier to see that my husband is trying. It makes it easier for him to talk, too. It's not heavy stuff, but day-to-day things. We had become so afraid just to be in the same space because it might cause a fight.