Addictive Behavior and Self-Deception

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2021

When we attempt to deceive ourselves and/or others, we are ignoring the reality of the situation and are holding ourselves back from overcoming our obstacles. There are many self-deception thoughts when you're in the process of recovering.  Let's give them a name:

"One last time"-- How many "one last time" thoughts have you had? These are things we tell ourselves to make a bad decision

"Just a little"-- I'm only going to take this to keep me through the day or I'm going to drink to help me sleep.

"Don't let them control you"-- this is the one that talks to you about how you are independent and you can make decisions for yourself.

"You're useless" --Don't listen to this one! This one kicks you when you're down and that no one cares. This will cause you to live recklessly. 

"It's the responsible thing" 

"It's not that big of a deal" --This is used especially if it's a culturally accepted drug.

"You can't be an addict"

"You finished your program!" He's kind of a version of "you deserve it"

"I'm only using/drinking on special occasions" --Watch out for this one, you'll start considering everything an occasion to drink.

"I just need to cut back" How many times or how many years have you been saying this?

"The coast is clear"

"I don't care anymore"

"You're never going to stay sober"

"You're not hurting anyone but yourself"

"You already ruined it"

"It's rude not to go or rude to leave early"

"It's the only thing that helps my anxiety or helps me sleep"

"It's none of their business"

Is there one that you fall for all of the time? 

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