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If you have already seen one of our coaches in the past,  click the button below and you'll be sent the client appointments link. If you run into any problems give us a call 864-906-2395.

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Hello and welcome,  we're excited to work with you! In addition to our online courses, and membership program we also offer virtual and email consultations for people worried about an addicted loved one.   

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Strength Based Recovery Coaching With Amber

Strength based coaching is a 4 session program for anyone looking to break the cycle of addiction. This custom made package is to help develop a plan based on you, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your desire to change. If you are ready to make a change and leave addiction behind for good. Click below. (This program is non-refundable so be sure you are ready to get started on this journey)
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Frequently Asked Questions (about appointments)

You don't have to be a member to schedule appointments, however non-members pay about $50 more per session than do members. So you may want to consider becoming a member before you book your appointment.  

Member benefits

  • Membership is only $33.97/month
  • You'll get access to weekly live group coaching calls with Kim and Campbell.
  • You'll also get access to Campbell's Positive Parent Group Content and Kim's Empowered Partners Group Content
  • Members pay $50 less per coaching session and $10 less for email consultations. 
  • Cancel anytime

👉🏻Click here to become a member. 

  • Live group coaching calls with Kim and Campbell (you can ask questions live or send questions early)
  • You can attend the group coaching calls live (or watch the replay)
  • Cummunity support from other's who understand what you're going through
  • Campbell's Positve Parent Group Content
  • Kim's Empowered Partner's Group Content
  • Bonus Interviews with outside experts
  • Advanced Recovery Skills Lessons 
  • As long as you're an active member, your membership rate will not increase.

At the moment, Amber is only taking new clients in her Strength Based Recovery Coaching Program.

Your other option would be to get purchase an email consultation.


Kim and Campbell are our Family Recovery Specialists.  They both highly qualified and have tons of experience helping families navigage life with an addicted loved one.  

Of course there are small differences in the personality of each member of our team, but we all work from the same philosphy.  

If you haven't already, you should check out their videos inside the membership. This will help you familiarize yourself with their style and personality. 

I'm so glad you asked! 😉

We have several online programs designed to help you fast track your recovery process. Click here to see those options. 


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