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Here's how it works...

When you sign up to be a member of our Partner Program, you'll be assigned a  customized referral link.  This link can be used to refer people to any of our videos, blogs, free resources, online courses, or communities.

If anyone you refer chooses to purchase any of our online courses, you'll be given credit for the referral and paid a commission. 

  • It doesn't cost you anything
  • No special credentials required 
  • There's no obligation or commitment needed
  • No need to sell anything

FAQ's About Affiliates


1. People who work/volunteer in the field of recovery (ie: counselors, coaches, physicians, peer support specialists, group leaders, sponsors, etc..)

2. Members of our online courses and communities who want to refer others. 

3. Other recovery influencers such as podcasters, YouTubers, Facebook group coordinators, etc...

When you refer someone to any of our online resources, you'll give them your specific referral link. 

This will allow our system to track the referrals you send.  If someone decides to become a member of one of our online courses or communities within 30 days of you referring them, you receive a commission.

Online recovery courses commissions are 50%. The price of the courses fluctuates, but you can use this link to see the current listings.

The commission for referring someone to one of our online communities is $5/month for as long as the person is a member. 

(*please note... Commissions for virtual coaching sessions are not included in our Partner Program)



No one likes a pushy salesperson. (including us!) 

You can refer people to any of our resources (free or otherwise).  No one will ever be pushed to purchase anything.  Our main goal is to make addiction recovery information to all who need it.

99% of all the resources we offer are completely free.  There are a few paid options for people who want more specialized services.  If someone you refer chooses to participate in any of those specialized services, you will be given credit.  

When you sign up to be part of our partner program, you will be asked to provide your Paypal email address.

Sometime during the first week of each month, we send you your commission payment via Paypal for the previous month.  

When you sign up for our partner program, you'll be given an affiliate login. 

You can log in to your affiliate portal anytime to view your stats, export your reports, copy your unique referral links, or edit your settings. 

You know exactly how many people have used your link, purchased a product, or even filled out a form. 

Partners are not required to participate for any specific length of time. 

If you want to refer one person, that's totally fine. If you want to refer tons of people, that's great too.  It's completely up to you.  You are not under any sort of obligation. 

You can use this link to sign up for our Partner Program.  You'll be asked to create a log in. 

Once you log in, you can set up your information and you'll be able to access your custom referral links.

You'll use these links to make referrals, and the system will track the rest for you. 

You can log in to your affiliate portal anytime to see your stats, clicks, purchases, etc...

Still, got questions?  Feel free to shoot me an email.  [email protected]


1. LIKES AND COMMENTS let google know that people find value in our videos, which triggers Google to show our videos to more people. This helps tremendously!

2. SHARING our videos is one of the fastest ways to help us spread the message of family recovery. We're always getting comments from people saying they wished they'd found us sooner. Help us get our message to the people who need it by sharing the videos you find most helpful!

3. There is a little button underneath all of our YouTube videos that says "Thanks." This button will allow you to give a small donation and show your appreciation for any video you find particularly helpful.

4. If you'd like to help financially SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL, you can use this link to MAKE A DONATION through PayPal: 

5. Anytime you PURCHASE A RECOMMENDED BOOK (or other resources) using our amazon affiliate link, Hope For Families receives a small commission from Amazon. (But don't worry, it won't affect the price you pay!) https://www.amazon.com/shop/addictionrecoveryresources-hopeforfamilies

6. Consider leaving us a review on Google. 🆓 (This helps us tremendously!):


 *100% of all donations go to help cover the cost of producing videos and adding to our library of FREE online recovery resources that are available to anyone/everyone who may need the information.

Get rewarded for helping people connect to the right recovery resources. It's a win/win/win situation!

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