Which is Better for Treating Alcohol Use Disorder: Interlock or Soberlink?

alcoholism Apr 04, 2023

Interlock device or Soberlink device, which one is right for your situation?

I'm still going to give you my objective opinion about both of these devices because each has its pros and cons, and each one fits a slightly different situation, and I want you to make an informed decision about what's right for you. So the most natural place to start is to tell you precisely what Interlock and Soberlink devices are.

An interlock device is an alcohol breathalyzing device that gets installed into your car, and the car doesn't start until you've taken a blood alcohol test, like you blow into the thing and pass it.

Once you do that, then you can start your car. Now, it's not just for when you start the car; you must continue to take breathalyzing tests as you drive down the road. A lot of my clients call this the blow-and-go. Most of the time, people get an interlock device after some legal issue, like a DUI.

A Soberlink is also a breathalyzing device, but it's not attached to your car. When you use Soberlink, you get tested between two and three times daily on a schedule. A schedule that you know exactly when you need to test because you and your support person come up with that schedule.

So when it's time for you to take your test, you get a text message that comes to the phone that reminds you that you've got a test. So, for example, if you have a test at five o'clock in the evening, you'll get a text message at 4:45 that says, "Hey, remember your five o'clock test." So then you have a one-hour window to take it. One of the things I like about Soberlink is its flexibility, which makes it doable in real-life situations.

If you're late on your test, miss it, or get a positive, the support person you've identified will get a text message telling them what's happening.

And you might wonder, what if you cheat on your test, Amber? Another thing I like about Soberlink is that they're five steps ahead. It's got facial recognition in it, so there's not a whole lot of cheating. It's like the facial recognition on your phone; it doesn't open unless it's your face.

But let's help you figure out which one is right for you.

If the main concern is driving while intoxicated, the interlock is your better option because Soberlink doesn't prevent your car from starting; an interlock does. So it goes a long way to ensure you can't drink while intoxicated. But if the concern is broader than driving while drinking and you're concerned about an alcohol use disorder or alcoholism, you may want to consider Soberlink.

I've had plenty of clients on interlocks who were drinking plenty, but they didn't drink and drive, which I think is a step in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, but my clients who are on Soberlink are trying to conquer alcoholism, as in they're trying not to drink because it's a preventative option.

Soberlink makes it easier to stay sober in two huge ways.
The first way it makes it easier to stay sober is because it takes drinking off the table. If you know you're going to be tested three times a day and it's going to take your picture while it does it, then you know you're not going to get away with the drinking. So it is off the table, and you don't have to make the decision repeatedly to stay sober. This means you'll have fewer cravings, and you can put all that energy and focus in some other direction.

Now the second way Soberlink makes staying sober much more manageable is because it helps the family let their guard down. They know it's being taken care of, so they can stop all the surveillance, the smell checks, the checking up behind you, and the questioning you when you walk through the door.

They can quit doing all that because they don't have to anymore. It's being handled by Soberlink, which makes a massive difference for you. So when you need to go to the store, want to go to an event, or even have a business trip you have to take, your family can feel calm and relaxed about it.

Soberlink gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility. For example, these devices can create a report you can take to court for various reasons. So they're both accommodating in that way. Of course, if it's just driving, that's the issue; interlocks are probably your best bet. But if you're trying to build trust and conquer an alcohol use disorder, Soberlink's your best option.

 Amber Hollingsworth

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*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Soberlink. All opinions are my own.


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