Strengths Based Recovery Program

Loose the one size fits all plan.  You need a plan that focuses on your specific strengths and needs! 

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Tailor your recovery plan to fit your needs! 

Historically when it comes to recovery, you're expected to keep your mouth shut and do what your told.  If you have any issue with the plan then you get told that you're "not willing or don't have humility". 

In fact, newbies are usually told to "take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth".  

I've been helping people (and families) find recovery for more than a decade and I can assure you that everyone recovers differently.  

Often times trying to force people into  prepackaged recovery plans does more harm than good.  I call it the "factory/assembly line of recovery".  You get tossed onto the conveyor belt, and if something doesn't fit properly you'll be pushed off  into the defective pile. 

If you dare to question the process, you'll be told you're "not ready" and secretly judged as arrogant or codependent. 

I'll admit there are some aspects of these recovery programs that I really do like, but most don't have any flexibility or compromise.  It's kind of like  wearing an ill fitting pair of pants. 

On the other hand, have you ever had a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly.  You love them so much, you almost want to wear them every day.  They're comfortable and make you look awesome! 

This online course will help you tailor a recovery plan that fits you perfectly (like a custom made suit). It will help you accentuate all your best features and draw attention away from your "not so great" features. 


Increase Your Motivation

Find out what motivates you and drives your decision making.

Maximize Your Strengths

Build a recovery plan around your strengths (NOT your weaknesses)!

Communicate More Effectively

Understanding your own needs (and those of the people around you) will help you get your needs met more effectively. 

Improve your relationships

Once you develop a better understanding of your own needs and the needs of your loved ones, you be MUCH better equipped to get your needs met and theirs! 

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Get Started Now

You'll get immediate access, but you an go through the material at your own pace. 

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