The counterintuitive approach anyone can use to rapidly shift your addicted loved one out of denial and into recovery using groundbreaking "Invisible intervention techniques"

Without having to suffer through another screaming match, “Bad Cop” ultimatum or risk your health and sanity in the process ever again.


Hope Is Finally On The Horizon

Dear Family member,


After 20+ years of working with people struggling with addictions.


There’s one crucial thing I’ve noticed…


It’s the FAMILY that suffers the most.


It’s you that's forced to stay up late every night, anxiously wondering if your loved one is going to make it home…


Fearing what kind of a state they’ll be in as they stumble, half-conscious, through the door.


You're the one who has to deal with the consequences of their bad choices...


You're actually the one being held hostage.

It seems like there's no way out.

Because you can't even talk to them about the situation, without it blowing up in your face...


They either avoid the conversation completely, or they blow up at you ...

They make you feel terrible for bringing it up, and then convince you that you're the one causing all the problems. 


If you don't say anything, you feel like a weak enabler, but if you do say something you feel like you stepped on a landmine. 


Leaving you feeling TOTALLY powerless. 
While your family and friends go about enjoying their lives carefree…


You’re constantly consumed with worry, anger, and guilt. 


I get it.


I’ve met with literally hundreds of long-suffering family members just like you…


And each one felt just as helpless, powerless, and desperate as you do now…


You've been told over and over again that there's nothing you can do until they decide they want to change. 

What if there was a way you could help them decide they need to change  (without them knowing you had anything to do with it)?

A counterintuitive process that will not only get your loved one eager and willing to get the help they need…


But would also allow you to take back total control over your life…


Allowing you to finally get back to living YOUR life and focus on the things YOU really want to do.

No more sleepless nights.

No more arguments.

No more feeling like the "bad guy". 


Because the reality is...


You’re NOT powerless in this fight and you DO have influence over the situation.


You DON’T have to “wait till they hit bottom” and you DON’T have to “Cut them off


You're probably feeling pretty skeptical right about now.


Because you've tried so many times, and it hasn't seemed to work.

"Before I started using the Invisible Intervention techniques, I was stuck on a chaotic emotional roller coaster. 

Occasionally my husband would say he needed to stop. He would attend a few NA meetings, but it was always short-lived. I felt constantly frustrated and drained.  I was so tired of the chaos, but I knew it had to be his choice.

It wasn’t until I started using the techniques that I started to see results. After about four months of waiting for the right signs, he started mentioning he needed to stop drinking and using. Then, a week ago, he said he was ready to go to rehab to start his sobriety.  The next day he started looking for clinics. He went to visit one and made the decision to arrange everything so he could be there. This past Monday, we took him to treatment.  He was very motivated, and best of all, it was entirely his decision.  I finally feel like we are making progress toward a more peaceful life."     

Rapid Recovery For Your Loved One Is Real And Possible


But more importantly ...


With the process, I’m about to give you…


Gaining back full emotional, physical and spiritual control over your own life…


is Inevitable.

Hope Is Finally On The Horizon.


Both for your loved one and for you.

 But first, I have to be very honest with you…


Most Conventional Forms of Addiction Intervention Are USELESS



In fact, some of them are downright dangerous and can even worsen your loved one's addiction!


I’m talking about the old school “tough Love” forms of intervention


You know the ones I’m talking about.


Heck, you’ve probably tried a few of them too…


Angry threats, strong ultimatums, and traumatic confrontational interventions.


Now, while most people and even some “addiction experts” may tell you otherwise…


Then these old methods just don't work.


But what else can you do?


After all, you’ve probably tried everything else possible to try to get them into recovery, right?


You’ve yelled, you’ve screamed, you’ve bribed, bartered and probably even begged…


But if you’re on this page, then as we know all too well…


No matter how many arguments, ultimatums or interventions you’ve had…

It NEVER seems to help in the long run.

And that can make you crazy with frustration!


Often having a major negative impact on your physical health. 


Because no matter what you try and no matter how hard you push…


 Your loved one stays stuck in there addictive ways. 

Occasionally, they'll say they are going to make a change.  Sometimes it even seems to get a little better. But, it never lasts long. 


Leaving you feeling more hopeless, powerless and more desperate than ever…


Making you feel as if you lack total control over your own life…


But look, I need you to realize something VERY important…


If you DID try any of these techniques, and they DID end up blowing up in your face and making things 10x worse...


It is NOT your fault.


The truth is, you’re Biologically Wired to protect your loved one from harm…


You did what you thought and felt was the right thing to do.


You followed your Instincts, and that’s a normal reaction.


But normal doesn’t mean effective...

When it comes to influencing an addict into real, long-lasting and effective recovery…


Following your instincts simply won't work.


Because addiction impacts the motivational center of a person's brain, you can't motivate them in the typical ways


If you really want to get your loved one out of denial and into recovery for good…


And finally start making real progress towards them getting the help they need… 


Then we need to counterintuitively flip the script on addiction.


And sometimes that means doing the OPPOSITE of what your instincts tell you…


"My loved one has tried to get sober with outpatient treatment and AA with no success. – I tried everything I could think of (marriage counseling, begging, crying, yelling) to get through to him, but nothing was working. 

Eventually, I did a search on the internet to understand relapse and ran across Amber's video called "What Really Causes Addiction Relapse?" I watched more videos and learned more about her practice.  In January, I  decided to enroll in the Invisible Intervention program.

It wasn't long before I started started to see improvement.  In February, he enrolled in Recovery Coaching with Amber and is finally able to own a lot of his wrongdoing. After years of fighting, he’s now able to see my side of things. He recognizes his problem and finding ways to solve it. 

Looking back, I realize I had unrealistic expectations.  The Invisible Intervention taught me to set realistic goals. I learned how to set healthy boundaries and practice self-care, and the communication skills have made all the difference.  I can finally envision a life without addiction.

Even though Al-Anon was helpful, I think having a professional guide in the recovery process is essential. Amber and her team are professionals who use proven techniques based on science, which gives you a higher chance of a positive outcome. Amber has a very kind approach to communicating hard truths and encouraging people to be the best they can be—and that includes addicts as well as family members and friends."

It’s Time For A REAL Solution

If you're reading this page, it's probably because you watched my YouTube videos, and you've already gotten some positive changes using my techniques. 


Look, you landed on this page for a REASON…


You’re sick and tired of someone else's addiction controlling YOUR life.


You're ready for this chapter to end…


You want a solution that will work long term. …


So that’s exactly what you are going to get.


A proven solution that doesn’t just overload you with more and more useless addiction information, leaving you feeling confused and clueless as to how to put it into action…


But a practical, step-by-step and science-backed solution you can finally put your trust in to carry both you and your family to a life free from the chaos and destruction of addiction.


But FirstI’ve Got To Drop A Long Overdue Truth Bomb On You That You NEED To Hear…

If you want this to ACTUALLY work, then you must understand this crucial point…


Getting into recovery has to be THEIR own decision.


There's no way around this.


If you want their recovery to be permanent, then it must come from them.


That means that no amount of shouting, yelling or screaming on your part will work.


No matter how hard you try, you simply can’t “brute-force” somebody into change.


This is because as humans, we generally don't like to accept big choices and large ideas that haven’t come from us.


ie, thoughts, suggestions and ideas that come from other people.


In reality, we only like to make changes in our life when WE feel it has been our choice to make them. 


We simply don't like the influence of others interfering in how we choose to live our lives.


Your loved one is no different…


That's why whenever you’ve made attempts to help them overcome their addiction in the past, they rejected it.


Because no matter how well-meaning, gentle or sincere your attempt…


It was through FORCE that you tried to change them…


And that’s why they resisted.


Not because you didn't mean well, but because it wasn't THEIR idea…


Here’s The Secret Key Most People NEVER realize When It Comes To Influencing a Loved One Into A Lasting, Genuine and Effective Recovery

If you really want to rapidly shift your addicted loved one out of their deep-rooted denial and actually have them WANTING to get into recovery…


Then you need to make them believe it was their own idea. 


You need to get your loved one to genuinely believe that going into recovery is a GOOD idea for them, without overtly suggesting it to them.


And it’s at this point where you play a very direct, and extremely crucial part in the recovery process…


This is where YOU take back control.


It’s YOUR job to plant very subtle, carefully constructed little ideas and thoughts in your loved one's mind that will quickly begin to radically shift their thinking…


But you must do it without them knowing you’re doing it.


You’ll make minor suggestions that (seemingly) slide under the radar of your loved one…


But that secretly influence rapid behavioral change on a significant subconscious scale.


Eventually, after following the framework for a short period of time and continuing to make seemingly small (but hyper-effective) subconscious suggestions…


Your loved one will actually begin to question their addiction…


And will (probably for the first time ever) come to the conclusion on their own…


That it’s finally time for them to fix this problem.


They will then take swift action and start to wholeheartedly seek genuine help for their addiction.


All whilst believing their decision to change sprouted organically from their own mind…


When in reality, it was you who secretly planted that crucial idea….


The idea that will get your loved one on the fast track to recovery...


And put you firmly back into the driver's seat of your life once and for all.

During my 20 years as an addictions counselor, I've had to develop massive skills for motivating people to make changes. 

For most of my career, I've been helping people who didn't really want to be in my office. 

Some of my clients have even told me that their family tricked them into coming to my office. (not advised, btw!) 


Others agreed to come, but mostly to get their loved ones off their back. 

If I (a stranger) can get them to want to change, then you most definitely can.

You have way more power than me, because they actually love and care about you! 


You just haven't known how to get through their defenses.  


I know you're tried, but that's just it.  You've tried too hard! 

You've been trying to force them to see the problem.

(but that only makes their denial worse)

I've learned that you have to make people feel safe enough to take down their walls. 


And strong enough to face the problem. 


If they feel like they're being pushed into something they'll cling to  addiction even harder.  


Most addicts/alcoholics have at least some awareness of the problem, and they actually do want to make some changes.

But they're scared to show you those parts of themselves.

They're scared you're going to force them into something they're not ready for. 

They'll do all kinds of nasty things to protect themselves.

  • avoid you
  • start fights with you
  • tell you it's your fault
  • act like it's no big deal
  • convince other people that you're crazy
  • make false promises to shut you up
  • etc....

I know you're sick of this terrible cycle, and you don't want to fight anymore.

I want to show you how I get addicts/alcoholics to open up to me.

(how I get them to show me what's really in their heart)


I want to show you how to find your loved ones deepest motivations.


And how to use those THEIR motivation to get them unstuck. 

This is the only thing that will get them into long term recovery.  


Everyone says "they have to do it themselves".  

That's very true, but sometimes they need help finding themselves! 

That's where you can help.


Once you get them to take off all those layers of defense mechanisms, they'll begin to see their authentic self again. 


You've probably seen glimpses of their real self, but you don't know how to make it stick around.  

That's what I'm here to teach you! 




The single most effective way to make fast, actionable and effective progress toward getting your loved one out of denial and into recovery without ever having to scream, shout or risk your own mental health and sanity in the process ever again.

Let's Do This

Anyone can use this method!

These techniques aren't difficult, but they are counterintuitive. 

So What Exactly Is Advanced Addiction Intervention?


It's a world-renowned scientifically backed method for getting people to move through the stages of change.


It’s a counterintuitive method that focuses on building real trust, and genuine rapport whilst leveraging the secret power of subconscious to produce change.  


I would say it's like planting a seed, but actually the seed is already there. 


You just have to find it and nurture it. 


I'll show you how to nurture it with consistent care and attention (in the form of kindness and positive reinforcement),so it will grow into a fully-fledged, authentic desire to make real, lasting changes in their life.


All without them ever knowing you had ANYTHING to do with it.


So they'll decide they want something different. They'll do this of own accord, with a genuine mindset to actually want to change.


No more shouting, angry screaming or “Bad Cop” ultimatums that leave you feeling more hopeless, desperate and guilty than ever…


It’s time to finally pull the emergency stop on the rollercoaster of emotion…


And take back total control of your life for good.

I want to Know How I can Rapidly Influence my Loved one into Recovery!

Get Access To The Blueprint Now

Worried you won't be able to do it?


Don’t Worry…With the Invisible Intervention, we keep it simple.


If you've seen any of my videos, you know I don't say or do anything complicated.  


I've taken these researched methods and broken them down into simple easy steps. 


To allow you to quickly see REAL PROGRESS and RESULTS in your battle with addiction…


So you can finally get back to living an addiction-free life on YOUR terms.

Yes! I want to finally start seeing REAL results with my loved one!
If you’ve noticed your own mental health and sanity are reaching a breaking point due to being forced to live in the throes of addiction for so long…


If you’re sick of being constantly lectured by family that the person you love is “too far gone” and that it’s time for you to simply “Move on” even though you know they can change, but you just don’t know how... 


And If you’re sick of feeling powerless and helpless and are ready to start directly helping your loved one overcome their addiction using a proven strategy that actually WORKS…


Then The Invisible Intervention is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Yes! I want to take back control of my life TODAY!

Discover How To Take Back Control Now
The Invisible Intervention course is comprised of the most direct, actionable and practical exercises you can finally put your complete trust in and start implementing today to see rapid results with your loved one.


But unlike other resources out there, this course isn't going to be another "information dump"...


I’m NOT just going to dump a load of fancy words, false promises and overwhelming data on you as you might have experienced in the past…


Instead, you’re going to get what you actually NEED:


Clear-cut instructions on EXACTLY what you need to do, starting tonight, to start seeing fast progress in your battle to break free from addiction for good.
Yes! I want a Proven, step-by-step Framework I can Finally Trust!

It’s Time to Stop Searching and Start Strategizing

I'm ready to have complete control of my life again!
You might be wondering how this is different than my regular YouTube videos?


If you've been watching my video's, you should already have a good idea of my philosophy and how I work, which will speed up your process. 


But you may be having a hard time taking all that information and putting it into a system to create consistent results. 


The Invisible Intervention has it all laid out for you.  You'll know exactly what to do (and say) every step of the way.  

Included in this deep-dive online course are the highly effective persuasive techniques you would otherwise have to pay a small fortune to a therapist to run through on your loved one…

📢Invisible Intervention 3.0 Is Here! 


Lots of New Lessons and Features

  • New advanced commicaiton skills training
  • New Getting Out of the Bad Guy Role Senerios 
  • New Boundaries Lessons
  • New Case Studies (video and written)
  • New Modules on Boundaries and Manipulation
  • Closed captions added to video lessons (downloadable transcripts also available)

I’m giving you a full 6-month-deep-dive of fast-acting, practical and easily implemented addiction intervention strategies... 

It would take you more than 20 coaching sessions to get all this information!

I want access to this Addiction Recovery GOLDMINE!

What's inside the course?


The Invisible Intervention Online Course:


Step-by-step, deep-dive instructional videos explaining in detail the scientifically-renowned CRAFT method of advanced intervention.

You'll learn the specialized motivational communication techniques counselors use.

The follow-along framework and practical process anybody regardless of experience can instantly follow to begin using these hyper-effective influence principles in interactions with your loved one, to secretly plant the seed of recovery in their subconscious mind.

This program and the strategies included are designed to put you solidly back in control of not only the recovery process but your life as a whole.

 It’s time to finally pull the emergency stop on the rollercoaster of emotion…

And put you firmly back into the driver's seat of YOUR life


But...really, you're getting way more than that! 

Yes! I want to finally feel like I’ve got control over my life again!

You're getting your sanity back

You're getting your dignity back, your family back, YOUR LIFE BACK!

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Still got some unanswered questions?

Right now, you’ve got 3 roads ahead of you...

Road One:

You can choose to leave this page now and try to forget you ever saw it.


You can continue to keep trying the old, outdated and counter-productive intervention techniques you know don’t work, and only make things ten times worse…


You can close this page now, and decide to stay securely strapped into the emotional rollercoaster…


And live the rest of your life deep in the throes of addiction…


With absolutely zero control over how you want to live your life…

Road Two:


You can choose to leave this page with the new knowledge of Invisible intervention techniques.


You can attempt to “go it alone” in the battle against addiction…


However, you’ll be running the high risk of badly misusing these advanced influence techniques and likely, will have your efforts blow up dramatically worse than ever.


Only leaving you more hopeless, directionless and desperate than ever before for a REAL solution…


You can choose to go down road 3...

You can choose to actually help your loved one.

And maybe more importantly…

You can choose to help yourself.

You can choose to be the one who decides to finally take action and help your loved one break free from the heavy chains of addiction for good.


The suffocating, toxic addiction they deep-down, desperately want to break free from…


Right now, you can choose to be the person who decides that addiction has ruled your life for long enough and you’re ready to finally take back control over your life.


You can choose to step into a new world, free from the overbearing darkness of addiction. 
You can choose to start living a more peaceful life, a more hopeful life…
A life where you can wake up in the morning feeling at peace with yourself, and with the world.
A life of renewed soulful fulfilment where you can once again, smile at the little things, the things that make life so special…


You can walk outside, barefoot on the grass and smile up the warm morning sun, feeling its glowing morning rays tickle your face…


You can go about your day, finally feeling fully and effortlessly present with everybody you meet.


You can sleep peacefully throughout the night, every single night with ease…


Gently drifting into a deep slumber, proud that you were the one who decided to take action and free your family and yourself from the curse of addiction for good…


You were the person who decided to take action and claim a better life.


This is the reality of a life where addiction has been tackled correctly.


And right now, it’s one step away from being yours.


It’s time to stop living in fear, and time to start living again.


But as I tell all my clients, the only person who can make that life-changing decision…


The only person who can decide to consciously create a better future for everyone around them and take back full control of their own life forever…


The only person who can choose to be free from addiction for the rest of their life…


Is you…
Yes, I'm ready to finally start living again

About the Course Instructor, Amber Hollingsworth

Aka “The queen of straight-talking counseling”


Amber is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), and a Licensed Professional Supervisor for both LPCs and CACs.  She has been working with individuals and families struggling with addiction since 2004 and has worked as an inpatient counsellor at every level of outpatient care.


She has a passion for the work she does and considers herself a “Addiction Defense attorney” because unlike many other therapists, Amber is able to see things from the addict’s point of view.


She’s spent her life surrounded by addiction and alcoholism, learning how to treat it, learning how to relate to the addict and how to actually help them overcome their addictions.


Amber is a self-proclaimed “Recovery Nerd” who actually cares about the well-being of both the individuals suffering from addiction and the family members who are often forced to bear its heavy burden.

Amber states proudly:

“If I won the lottery today, I would still work. I’d probably just open a bunch more treatment centers!”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60-Days

Like it already has for hundreds of others who felt just as powerless and hopeless as you, I'm absolutely sure that the Invisible Intervention is going to allow you to massively improve your family situation.

If, however you feel it wasn't helpful or worth the money you paid for it, then simply let us know and we’ll give you a complete refund.

Yep, it’s really that simple, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

THAT’S how confident we are in the Invisible Intervention’s techniques,

They simply DEMAND results.


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