Hey there! I'm Kim

Being in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction feels like being trapped between a rock and a hard place. I can help you find your way out of that trap. 

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Hey there! I'm Kim

Being in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction feels like being trapped between a rock and a hard place. I can help you find your way out of that trap. 

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How I Almost Lived in a Garden Shed

Even though I am a counselor, I understand how hard it is to open yourself up to people you don’t know very well. To be really honest, it has been difficult for me to write this. So much so that Campbell and Amber have even written their own versions of my back story to help me along. True story.

The part of me that does not want to write this is the same part of me that lends me to working well with people who have a hard time being vulnerable in their own lives, and by saying vulnerable, I do not mean weakness. 

I mean it in the way that Brene Brown (nationally respected therapist and author) means it: having the ability to show up in your own life with your own voice. Learning to be vulnerable is something that I have definitely struggled with, and I guess you could say it takes one to know one!

When I was young, my mom remarried more than once. I remember having to adjust to new people and new expectations. Needless to say, it was not fun. It was during these years that I learned to protect myself by building walls and boundaries around myself. I did this with logic; yes, logic. I love logic!

I don’t know how many times the words “I have a theory…” came out of my mouth between 9 and 19. You see, logic and theory bring certainty to uncertain situations, and uncertain situations make people feel exposed and vulnerable. There’s that word again… not a weakness.

So, here is the part where I almost lived in a garden shed. I was 13, and we had just moved out of our family home due to a divorce. My 15-year-old sister and I were now sharing a room, something we had not done since we were very young. To say the least, it was not going well.


One afternoon, my mom, sister, and I were at

a lumber store, and we walked by the garden

sheds. Just to paint the picture, I was super

mad that day. I don’t remember why; I just

remember being fuming mad! So, we walk

by the sheds, and they were just glorious!

Green with a small white trimmed window and

I thought, “Problem solved, genius, I’ll buy a

garden shed!” I figured I’d buy the $110.00

shed and live in the backyard.

​My mom didn’t really think I would follow through with my “flawless” plan, so she humored me and didn’t say much, thinking I would not save the money, and if I did, I certainly would not spend it on a shed. Fast forward three months, and the room situation with my sister had only gotten worse. I went to my mom with my $110.00, ready to buy my freedom. Obviously, she did not let me move forward with my plan. However, this did solidify my relationship with logic and taught me a valuable lesson in regaining my personal power. This was the beginning of a beautiful love story, and I moved into the laundry room as a compromise.

Going through the difficulties of relationships can be tough, and if you’re the type of person who has a hard time being vulnerable, it can magnify the problem. As hard as it is to open up, it is important that you do. When we keep our problems in our head, they tend to get magnified and distorted. Talking about things out loud can help you gain clarity and perspective. Sometimes just the process of talking about things will reveal the answers you’re looking for.

No matter how tough you are, we all need a little help sometimes. As much as I like my independence, there have been times I’ve had to reach out for help, and I am so glad I did. Who knows; I might still be trying to live in a garden shed in my mom’s backyard.



Kim is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC). She was an inpatient counselor at Carolina Center for Behavioral Health and has also worked in Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs. With her years of experience working with families, Kim brings insight and objectivity to any situation. Kim got her BA in Family Systems and Psychology, she obtained her master’s degree from Websters University while working full time.


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We asked Kim's clients what is was like to work with her

This is what they had to say...


"We got a lot accomplished in an hour She knew the highlights of the story and was willing to listen to all of my story in our meeting but still gave lots of good tips and helpful words to explain and process the situation well. She gave options to allow me to make a choice with her knowledgeable advice and walked me through the pros and cons of the choices."


"I have spent a lot of resources (financial, time, emotional, etc.) seeking information and professional guidance to help me through the confusing experience of making big life decisions for myself while being married to a person with addiction and ADHD. I am also an active member of Al-Anon. The two brief consultations with Kim have been the best use of my time and resources because she is an expert in addiction and its role in marriage and families, and her coaching is specific to my unique situation. I have not found this anywhere else. Thank you, Kim."


"Kim helped me so much with my strategies and questions and we got through so much in a short hour. I took a lot of notes and she is helping me in my "sos "moment of needing coaching in a really important time of transition for my partner maybe being ready to get real help. I was able to get some real mind-bending jewels of epiphany from her about my own mistakes I'm making and I'm on it for a change !! She's an angel."


"Kim was really helpful in helping me process and get some clarity around boundaries and language to use with the KRAFT method."


"Kim was so insightful! I felt as if she knew my son personally. She has so much knowledge about mental health and substance abuse disorders. She was easy to talk to. Thank you!"


"Kim was very easy to talk to, I felt comfortable speaking with her. She explains things in a way that is very easy to understand. All the advice and information was great and I learned a lot. I got all my questions answered and when finished felt better about my future plans."


"Kim responded to my queries and gave me the direction and guidance I wanted. She was empathetic but still real with me."


"Kim provides very sound advice. Honest, strengthening and supportive. Thank goodness for her!"


"You and your team have so much wisdom and knowledge. I prayed for help for years and God brought me to you. You guys are also not into new age weird things. I'm always very cautious when it comes to counseling. My relationship with my alcoholic husband and my children is better because God brought me to you. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom in these very hard times."


"Kim is AMAZING!"


"It was a calm, complete and focused conversation. Kim was prepared and I feel so much better about facing the next few weeks"


"love Kim❤️"





"Kim was able to get up to speed within the first 30 minutes and really offer fantastic insight to a major portion of my issues in my family."


"Kim knows what she’s talking about. I don’t feel judgment. Simply facts are given in a light and upbeat manner. I feel so comfortable with her, and I’ve only met with her over zoom three times. I look forward to circling back again in the fall worth every penny, wish I did it sooner."