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Rapid Relationship Repair will show you how to help your loved ones heal from your past mistakes, how to communicate your needs more effectively and restore trust and faith on both sides of the relationship

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Rapid Relationship Repair will help you put the past in the past! 


Does it feel like your loved one is constantly bringing up your past mistakes?
Do they regularly accuse you of lying?
Do they check-up or spy on you?
Do you get the feeling they're testing you?

It's not your imagination, they're definitely testing you. I want to show you how to ace the test!

You readily admit you've made some big mistakes and you're trying to do better, but your loved
one is so hurt they can't seem to move forward.

No one likes for their mistakes to be brought up.

Deep down you know you deserve the mistrust, but you're starting to build resentments.
Sometimes you begin to feel hopeless, and you just want to give up. You probably think it's all about their distrust for you, but it's more complicated than that. Your
loved one doesn't trust themselves either.

Let me explain...

Your loved one is more hurt by your deception than what you did wrong. Because they were
deceived so badly, they feel like they can't trust their judgment. They're scared that they'll miss
the signs and get deceived again.
Because they're constantly questioning you (and themselves), they feel like they have to check
behind you/spy on you.
Both of you realize this is a toxic cycle, but you don't know how to make it stop.

That's where Rapid Relationship Repair comes in!

Regain Trust From Your Loved One

No more accusations, spying, or secret test for you to pass!

Regain Confidence In Yourself

You can stop beating yourself up for your past mistakes.

Start Living Your Best Life

Put the past behind you and build the future you want! 

 Put your past behind you,

and start living the life that you want to live! 

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This is how it works...

Hello, I'm Amber Hollingsworth, and I've been helping people get out of the dog house for 15+ years.  I'm actually a Licensed Professional Counselor that specializes in family recovery.  In 2011, I started an outpatient treatment center to help families heal from addiction.  

For years I watched families yet stuck in the recovery process.  Family members want to support their loved ones, but their fear often times gets in the way.  People in early recovery want to show their loved ones they've changed, but they start to loose steam when their loved ones continue to distrust them no matter what they do. 

This is why I created the Hope For Families recovery model. Over the years, we've helped thousands of families heal from the trauma of addiction, and we want to help you move forward as well.

I know how frustrating it is when your family can't let go of the past and allow you to move forward.  I've even watch people sabotage their own recovery because they feel like their family will never forgive them for their mistakes.  Please don't let this happen to you!

Because I've worked with addiction from every angle, I know what your loved ones need in order to heal and move forward.  From my many years of experience, I've created a step by step system to help families get unstuck.  

In addition to helping your loved one heal, you'll learn how to effectively communicate your needs as well. Sometimes when you've made some big mistakes in the past, you feel like you don't deserve to have an opinion or ask for your own needs to be met.  It's good that you want to own up to your mistake and take responsibility, but shoving down your own feelings is only going to lead you to building resentments and making more bad choices

Over the next two weeks, I'll show you how both sides of the relationship can have their needs met Your loved one's faith in you will be restored, and everyone will be able to put the past behind them. 

Get Your Life and Your Relationships Back On Track! 

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I'm  absolutely sure, Rapid Relationship Repair is going to improve your family situation.

If you feel it wasn't helpful and/or wasn't worth the money,  just let us know, and we'll give you your money back.

(Yes, it's that simple!)