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From: The desk of Amber Hollingsworth

Re: Ending the spiral of failed recovery attempts for good


After 20+ years of helping addicted individuals conquer addictions, this is the most important thing I’ve learned: 

You DON'T need someone else to make you feel bad about yourself or try to force you into doing things you don't want to do.  


If you've been struggling with addiction, you already feel bad enough about yourself.  And I'm sure plenty of people have been trying to force you to do things their way.   

Unfortunately, many addiction counselors feel like it's their job to make you stop engaging in addictive behavior.  Their self-worth is tied to their sobriety.  This dilemma creates much internal pressure for them, which then rolls down to you.   

I see the situation a quite differently.  

I don't even think addiction is necessarily a bad thing. Our brains are wired to become fixated on things. It's these psychological mechanisms that cause us to fall in love, care for our children, build business, invent new technologies, etc... 


Some addictions will actually bring you great joy, recognition, and a sense of purpose. While other addictions are more self-destructive. They make you feel terrible about yourself (and everyone else, for that matter!)  


The key isn't to become some perfectly "balanced" person.  The key is to use your addictive nature for the betterment of yourself and others.  When you can direct your addictive energy in a positive direction, and you'll actually feel proud of yourself instead of shameful and resentful.  


My goal is to simply help you find more productive ways of feeling better. 


Together we'll figure out how to get you out of this crappy situation.  So you can harness your unique abilities to fuel positive feelings for yourself and the people you care about. 


No one ever did anything great by being balanced...

Everyone has addictive tendencies. Our brains are wired that way on purpose. 


I have all kinds of addictive tendencies. (Admittedly, some of them are more productive than others. )

Without my addiction super-power, I wouldn't be able to help you.

Allow me to lay out the whole story for you...


Warning: My "How I Became an Addictions Counselor" story isn't as exciting as most, but there's a theme that you might find relevant. 


My primary addiction has always been workaholism. Even when I waited tables I worked way more hours than anyone else working their way through school.  

When I was a counselor intern, I was determined to be the hardest worker.  If 500 internship hours were the requirement, you could rest assured I did at least 1,000 hours.  If the other interns did three daily assessments, I'd do eight. 

My first big-girl counseling job was working with teenagers struggling with addiction. 

I became obsessed with learning how to get them to engage in the program (Mostly because I didn't want to look like a fool professionally). I read every book on addiction and went to every workshop and conference I could find. I even joined a year-long addiction fellowship program. 

I learned all about the science of addiction, and I learned about all the treatment modalities. 

I got my License to be a mental health counselor, followed by a state addiction credential, and then a license to supervise other counselors.  I got a national credential called Master Addictions Counselor, and then South Carolina came out with a new license for addiction counselors, and I got that one, too. 

But, even though I had all this education and training, there was still something important missing.  

After watching the same people come in and out of addiction treatment over and over, it became apparent that the problem wasn't that people needed to be told how to get sober.  

The problem was that people have a lot of mixed feelings about whether or not they want to let go of their addictive behavior. 


From then on, my new obsession has been learning what motivates people to get sober and what keeps them stuck. 


I'm not telling you all this to brag or to convince you of my credentials. 


I'm trying to show you that not every addictive tendency is terrible. Some of my addictive behaviors are tremendously rewarding. 

I could never have helped so many people by being a balanced person. 

Yes, I spend too much time on my work.  (I'm actually writing this page at midnight on a Thursday). 

And, I sometimes drive everyone around me crazy with my endless ideas and motivation to learn, grow, and do more.

But, NO, I won't regret it when I'm on my deathbed. 

I'll be proud of this addiction, because I'll know I've helped many people, and those people have gone on to help many others. 

My addiction has provided for my family and for the families of the people on my team. 

All addiction, isn't bad. 


I don't want you to become a "non-addict; " I just want to help you find and focus on your superpower. 


P.S. Not all my addictive tendencies are productive. I have other addictive tendencies that aren't so great.  (ie: sugar, caffeine, binge-watching true crime videos) I'm not perfect, and I won't expect you to be either.  

Recovery shouldn't feel like a punishment.

You may have had some bad experiences in trying to get help for this in the past.


That's probably beause people have attempted to help you by trying to convince you that you're bad, and that you have to follow a specific program to get better. 

There are so many flaws in that thinking, I don't even have the time to tell you all of them. But, I'll let you in on a few of them.

  1. It's true that harmful addictions make people do bad things, like sabotage yourself (and the people around you). However, positive addictions can make you do good things. 
  2. Trying to make people change only triggers their instinct to maintain a sense of control, which results in an increased need to cling to and justify counterproductive behaviors and beliefs, even when they know it would be in their best interest.
  3. Making someone feel bad about themselves will only make them want to self-medicate more.
  4. There's no specific addiction treatment program that will fix your addiction.  You inherently know what you need to do to stop the negative additive cycle. It's just a matter of making the decision to do it and keeping yourself motivated to stay consistent. 

In case you haven't already noticed, I'm not on board with most of the contemporary philosophies about addiction treatment.


Here's what I DON'T believe:

  • I don't believe you're powerless.
  • I don't think you need to hit bottom to make a change.
  • I don't believe everyone has to work a 12-step program.
  • I don't believe that all addiction comes from trauma.¬†
  • I don't even believe that people have to go to treatment to get better.¬†


Here's what I DO Believe:

  • I believe negative addictions will stand in the way of positive addictions.
  • I believe people naturally have the motivation to break their harmful addictions and that you already know how to do it.
  • I believe addiction is actually a natural state for human beings.¬† Like so many other things, it can work for us or against us.¬†
  • I think recovery works best when the family knows how to encourage and support you.
  • I believe the best way to help people overcome negative addictions is to help¬†redirect their obsessive tendencies.¬†


*Important Notice

We can only accept 4 new recovery coaching clients per month.  

If you're wanting to start this mon (or next), you need to fill out the application now.  


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I want to give you the tools, tech, and expert 1-1 coaching, to finally get clear on EXACTLY what your strengths, weaknesses, and core motivations are.


Together we can quickly put a Custom made, One-of-a-kind recovery ‚ÄúBattle Plan‚ÄĚ tailored for your specific personality type.


One that for the first time in your life, you know for certain…


Works FOR you, not AGAINST you.


A plan that, for the first time ever, caters perfectly to your unique character strengths


Whilst addressing any negative addictions that might be on track to sabotaging you. 


 A custom-made key to finally open the door to a life of sobriety.


So, if you are ready to finally leave the negative addictions behind for good and begin living the life of freedom, peace, and joy you know you deserve…


Then this is for you.

 Discover more about yourself in just 4 short weeks, than you have in the last 4 years…


So you can walk away with a one-of-a-kind “Strengths-based” recovery Battle-plan built specifically around your biggest personal strengths, whilst also supporting any hidden weaknesses 

The “Missing Link” you’ve never been given, to finally attempt recovery with a tailored plan that knows how to build you up instead of tearing you down!

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4-Week Intensive Assessment and Coaching Plan:


I know how daunting and intimidating it can be to attempt this kind of process all by yourself.


Which is exactly why I’m not going to just leave you all on your own.


In fact, I’m personally going to be with you every single step of the way to guide you through the process in the smoothest, easiest, and most practical way possible.


Here's what to expect over the next 4 weeks

What you’re going to get

Week 1:

We’ll meet for a 1-1 zoom meeting to touch base, get to know each other, and ultimately, go over the coaching process overview for the next 4 weeks. 


In this first session, I’ll touch base with you, see how you’re feeling and explain how the first of the assessments, the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) test, works, and how to complete it. 


Afterwards, I’ll give you full access to the Addiction Severity Index test, so you can go ahead and take it. Once you’ve completed it, I’ll dive into your results and get them ready for our next call.

The Addiction Severity Index is one of the most comprehensive addiction assessments available because it gives a 360 degree view of the situation.

The ASI addresses 7 main aspects of a person’s behavior and environment.

  • Medical
  • Work/financial stress
  • Substance use
  • Motivation for change
  • Legal stressors
  • Family/social supports and stressors
  • Mental Health

Week 2:

You’ll start week two by again, personally meeting 1-1 with me on zoom to touch base again, see how you’re feeling in terms of motivation, and go over and fully deconstruct your unique results of the ASI.

We’ll discuss what the results mean, and most importantly, how they’ll factor into your specific recovery plan.


From here, I’ll also explain the next assessment, the Enneagram, a personality test that will dive deep into your core character traits, personality, and core motivators. 


Again, I’ll give you all the guidance and preparation to complete this assessment in the most effective way possible.


Seriously, be prepared for some deep self-discovery with this one!


We love the Enneagram because it's tells us so much more than superficial character traits. This will helps us identify your core beliefs about how the world works. 

 This core belief drives your deepest motivations and fears which is what shape your thoughts and behavior. 

This is going to help you understand yourself and others so much better!

This will help us identify how you respond to stress and what type of supports are most helpful for you. 

It will also help you better understand the people you care about most. 


Week 3:

Coming into week 3, you’ll once again get the chance to personally meet 1-1 with me on a zoom call to discuss in depth the results of your unique Enneagram Personality Test.


This will be a truly eye-opening session, where you’ll connect the dots in regard to why you have certain behavior patterns, why you feel certain emotions more strongly than others and ultimately, what your unique superpowers are as an individual!  This session is actually kinda fun! 


Seriously, this is a session that will deeply change the way you experience life, you’ll feel as if you finally know yourself on a deep level, and with that, know what makes you happy, sad, anxious and all the other emotions in between.


Specifically, I’ll also go over how I’m going to practically apply your results to your unique recovery plan in the most strategic way possible, so you get a plan that takes into account exactly who you are on an emotional, physical, and mental level.  


Once we’ve gone over your results, you’ll go on to receive free access to and complete the Clifton Strengths-Based Assessment, another Research proven process for digging deep into your hidden strengths and revealing any potential areas that will need additional support in the recovery process.


Again, as soon as you’ve completed the assessment, I’ll dive into your results and get them ready for our fourth session.

Week 4:

Rounding off week 4, you’ll meet one last time 1-1 with me to discuss, explain, and deeply deconstruct the results of your Strengths Test. 


Again, this will be a chance to check in with me and see how you’re doing and ask me any questions you have about your results.


From here, I’ll go ahead and tie all your specific info from the past 4 weeks together into a completely unique, one-of-a-kind strengths-based plan, tailored specifically for you, that you can use to move practically forward with your recovery.


Evaluation Results

 You'll receive copies of each assessment including:

  • Addiction Severity Index
  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • Enneagram Personality Type
  • Relational Style
  • ¬†


But that’s not all you’re getting…


Because I want to arm you with the most effective tools and knowledge possible, I will also be giving you lifetime access to TWO of my most popular and comprehensive self-recovery programs at the end of our 4 weeks together, completely for free! 


Here’s what I’m going to give you:


Full access to the ‚ÄúRecovery to Go‚ÄĚ online course:


This deep dive recovery goldmine is for anyone who’s decided they want to take control over an addictive behavior but doesn’t want to do it under the constraints of a treatment center. Find your own road to recovery, from the comfort and safety of your own home. 


Full lifetime access to the ‚ÄúRecoverU‚ÄĚ online course:


RecoverU will help you take everything you learned from your Enneagram Assessment and apply it to your recovery process.  


*Loved ones are also allowed particpate in RecoverU, if you'd like. They'll be able to identify their Enneagram personality type as well. This will allow you to talk much more openly about your needs, wants, fears, and desires for the future. 

RecoverU is for anyone looking to become the best version of themselves via self-analysis, subconscious exploration, and much, much more…


These programs are the perfect addition to add to your arsenal after a fully customized plan and assessment.


This will be where you can start putting everything you learned (in our 4 weeks of coaching) into action!  

This will help you accelerate your recovery process, all without ever needing to go to groups, spend time away from friends and family, and spill your most private personal details to a bunch of strangers at a treatment center. 


Recovery to Go and RecoverU are some of our most popular and effective programs, which is why I’m giving you total lifetime access, completely for free. 


Let’s build a  recovery plan that focuses on your strengths instead of your weaknesses!

Yes! I’m ready to leave addiction behind for good!
Coaching with Amber
 $4,094 Value

 For only $1,697


  • Full access to the Addiction Severity Index test plus expert results breakdown and post-assessment coaching¬†


  • Full access to Strenghts Finder Assessment and Personality Assessments¬†

  • Full lifetime access to the ‚ÄúRecovery to Go‚ÄĚ online course¬†¬†¬†


  • Full lifetime access to the ‚ÄúRecoverU‚ÄĚ online course¬†

  • ¬†4 one on one¬†‚Äúspecialist breakdown‚Ä̬†coaching sessions with Amber¬†

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Coaching with Amber
 $13,743 Value

 For only $5,132


  • Full access to the¬†Addiction Severity Index¬†test plus expert results breakdown and post-assessment coaching¬†


  • Full access to¬†Strenghts Finder Assessment and Personality Assessments¬†

  • Full¬†lifetime¬†access to the ‚ÄúRecovery to Go‚ÄĚ online course¬†¬†


  • Full¬†lifetime¬†access to the ‚ÄúRecoverU‚ÄĚ online course

  • Up to 12 One on One Coaching Sessions With Amber¬†

  • Weekly text updates directly with Amber¬†


  • Up to 5 email coaching sessions with Amber¬†


  • Full lifetime access to Rapid Relationship Repair




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Get a Personalized Coaching Based on your Strengths NOT your Weaknesses!


"Amber always makes feel encouraged that I can be successful in recovery."


"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Amber. She is smart, compassionate, and full of wisdom and great advice. She has helped me navigate my own addiction and provided support as it related to my son’s issues. I am forever grateful that so found her."


"I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to break an addiction.  In fact, I've already recommended you to a friend."