Exposing The REAL Reason So Many People Are Addicted To Alcohol

alcoholism Apr 11, 2023

The reason alcohol is so addictive is because of social reinforcement.
It is the only drug you will feel embarrassed about
not doing.

Now, marketing companies make it seem cool, sexy, and exciting, and start creating peer pressure from a very early age. So we're getting messages that adults do this to have fun. This will make you an exciting person others want to be around. So we start believing that long before we ever even try it.

There's a placebo effect connected with alcohol; remember when you first started drinking alcohol, and you didn't like it, and it tasted nasty, but everyone around you was telling you you're going to like it and it's going to be great. And everyone looked like they were having fun. So then you start acting like you're having fun with it.

It's reinforced in almost every single direction.

My clients who decide to stop drinking alcohol are worried about not having the alcohol and cravings and withdrawal and stuff like that, but you know what they worry about the most?

They mostly worry about other people's thoughts because they no longer drink. So they agonize over what to tell other people.

The craziest thing about it is alcohol does the opposite of what we think it does. It doesn't make you smarter; It doesn't make you make better decisions; it doesn't make you more attractive. But, although I'll admit, it will make you think you're those things.

Think about it. You have to work into liking alcohol. You know that instinct when you first put it in your mouth, that instinct to spit it out because it tasted nasty? That's because it's poison, but because we're convinced that it makes our life so much better and more fun and we'll be more exciting, we choose to do it anyway.

So I challenge you to ask yourself...

Is alcohol doing for you, what you want it to do for you?

Seriously, sit down and write out the pros and cons. Just because everyone around you says it's great doesn't necessarily mean it is.

It's interesting that all my clients, the ones that are so worried about telling people that they don't drink anymore, once they do work up the courage to say to people they don't drink anymore, they find that all those people who they thought were going to judge them, seem interested in why they quit. They seem proud of them and start confiding that they want to stop and cut down too.

But they've even been too afraid to say that to anyone else because of the stigma against not drinking.

If you're worried that your drinking or loved one's drinking has gotten to the point that it might even be alcoholism. In that case, I want you to watch this video next because it explains to you precisely what alcoholism is in a way that you can diagnose the severity of the problem for yourself.

Amber Hollingsworth

Is Alcohol Monitoring Effective?

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