Addictive Behavior (Dangerous Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore)

addicted loved one Jun 24, 2021

It's easy to dismiss aggressive behaviors when dealing with someone who is intoxicated or addicted. You tell yourself that your addicted loved one didn't mean what they said or convince yourself that they only behaved that way because they were intoxicated. But, there are some behaviors you should never ignore. Here are the top 7 warning signs of violent or abusive behavior.

1. Any kind of physical behavior(pushing, throwing, shoving)

2. Intimidating behavior (Yelling, hurtful words)

3. Blocking/Restraining (Making it hard for you to leave or walk away)

4. Threats made to you or to harm themselves(Always take these threats seriously)

5. Raging (You can see/feel their rage coming out) Use reflective listening in this case.

6. Any time someone has an angry episode while they're under the influence.

7. When someone is going through withdrawal.

If any of these situations arise please do not ignore these types of behavior. These indicate trouble and are major warning signs that the situation could escalate.

Amber Hollingsworth

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