Dealing with Emotional Triggers

recovery Apr 26, 2021

Emotional triggers--we all have them some are sometimes they're more difficult to deal with than others. Instead of trying to stay away from emotions, it’s important to learn healthy ways to deal with all the different emotions you might experience.  

I'm going to break this down into a 4-step simple process.

Read-(Recognize, Evaluate, Ask, Decide)

Recognize when you're having an emotional trigger. Be conscious of when you're triggered. Why is this helpful? When you're emotionally triggered, your brain drives the boat when it's activated. But we want the thinking part driving. To avoid this, you have to activate the thinking part of your brain. We don't make good decisions when we make them emotionally.

Evaluate where the emotion is coming from. "Am I being emotionally triggered by something that's going on currently?" OR "Is this something that went on in my childhood that is coming back?"

Ask yourself what you want to do about it. Let me give you an example: An emotional trigger that I have is when I have to do everything myself and I don't feel like I have any help. I know when it's going to happen and why it's happening so I have to be really mindful not to react or lash out at my loved ones. 

Decide how you want to interact. The first and most important decision you'll need to make is choosing not to fix or engage with the problem at that moment. Sometimes, you just need to separate yourself from the situation altogether. Then come back later so you can respond in a better way and avoid losing your temper or saying or doing something you’ll regret later.

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Amber Hollingsworth

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