Motivating Yourself (or a loved one) To Get Sober

addicted loved one May 13, 2021

These are the three fundamental laws of human behavior that you should never ignore if you or your loved one is trying to get sober. What motivates us? What makes some float in negative bubbles and make others grow tall in positivity and how does that relate to someone struggling with addiction?

From the book, "THE LAWS OF HUMAN NATURE". 

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Attitude determines reality- We react to what people put out toward us. If you believe that people never get better from addiction that's going to be the reality of your situation. When you have this attitude it's going to impact how you feel which is how you react to the world. You have to have the attitude or belief that your addicted love one can get better. 

To look deeper into the other two laws, watch the full video!

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