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When I decided at the age of 53 to return to school to get my Master’s in counseling, my friends all said, “Oh my God! You will be 56 when you graduate. Why are you doing this?” My answer was, “Well, I will be 56 regardless; I might as well do something I know will change my life!” I had no idea just how much becoming a therapist would completely change my life, the way I think, and how incredibly happy I’d be. CLICK HERE to read more


​How I Almost Lived In A Garden Shed

Even though I am a counselor, I understand how hard it is to open yourself up to people you don’t know very well. To be really honest, it has been difficult for me to write this. So much so that Campbell and Amber have even written their own versions of my back story to help me along. True story.

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The first thing people want to know about me is, "Are you in recovery?"

Sometimes, they ask me directly, and other times, they don’t (but I usually know they’re wondering about it). But what they really want to know is, “Will you be able to understand me?” People usually feel insecure about coming to counseling, and it’s even worse for people struggling with substance abuse problems.
I’m always careful when this question.  Click Here To Learn More About Amber's Backstory


Bree is definitely the controller of the Hope For Families universe.  If you have questions or need help scheduling an appointment, Bree is your girl!  You can reach Bree via text or phone M-F from 10am-4:30pm (eastern).  864-906-2395 or via email: [email protected]