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In today's world, the struggle with addiction is all too common. Whether you're battling addiction personally or trying to support a loved one on their journey to recovery, it's essential to approach the process with the right mindset. In this blog post, we'll explore a powerful message emphasizing building yourself up rather than tearing yourself down when facing addiction.

Recognizing the Need for a New Approach

Even if you're talking about yourself, you don't need to tear yourself down anymore because, I promise you, addiction has already done enough of that.

Addiction can be relentless in its destructive nature. It chips away at your self-esteem and can leave you feeling defeated. The first step toward recovery is recognizing that your addiction does not define you. Instead of dwelling on self-blame, it's time to build yourself up.

Shifting the Focus to Strengths

What you need is you need to build yourself up enough to realize that you do have the strength to conquer this.

Rather than fixating on the causes and reasons behind addiction, it's crucial to start looking for strengths within yourself or your loved one. These strengths are the key to overcoming the challenge at hand. The video encourages us to identify and nurture these internal qualities that can lead us towards recovery.

Determining Factors vs. Contributing Factors

Why do some people find recovery and other people don't? It doesn't take long to look around and see that people who get better often have addictions, maybe even worse than others. The difference is all of those things that contributed to the problem are called contributing factors. And yes, those things contributed to how you got stuck in this crappy situation. But that does not determine your outcome. Your outcome is determined by what's inside of you.

The difference between determining factors and contributing factors.

Contributing factors are external circumstances that might have led to addiction. However, they do not define your ability to recover. Determining factors are internal qualities and strengths that can lead to a successful recovery. It's a reminder that you have the power within you to change your outcome.

Identifying Your Strengths

I wish that more recovery programs would focus on what is going right. Not because we're ignoring what's going wrong, but because ignoring these assets and tools is silly, right? These are things that are right here that you've had all along that you can pick up and use at any point.

Recovery programs often focus on addressing the issues and struggles associated with addiction. However, let's encourage a different approach that emphasizes the assets and tools you already possess. It's about recognizing your resilience, creativity, determination, empathy, and other strengths that can be harnessed to conquer addiction.

Embracing a Strength-Based Approach

It's important to build yourself up when facing addiction. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes or external factors, it's essential to recognize your inner strengths and use them as the driving force behind your recovery journey. Remember, you have the power within you to overcome addiction. If you're struggling to identify your strengths or need guidance on your path to recovery, consider seeking help through one of our addiction recovery resources below.

Amber Hollingsworth

Strengths-Based Recovery Program

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