The Right Way To Motivate Someone to Recovery

Convincing Someone to Seek Addiction Help: Tips from Amber Hollingsworth

Are you struggling to persuade a loved one to seek help for addiction? Amber Hollingsworth, a seasoned Master Addiction Counselor, shares invaluable insights gained from over two decades in the field. Here's a breakdown of her expert advice:

1. Mind Your Tone: Approach the conversation with calmness and empathy. Avoid conveying fear or frustration, as it can trigger resistance.

2. Set the Stage: Ensure the individual acknowledges their addiction before initiating the discussion about seeking help.

3. Identify Motivators and Roadblocks: Compile a list of what motivates them to change and the potential barriers they face. This insight aids in tailoring your approach.

4. Active Listening: Engage in active listening to understand their perspective better and gather essential information for later use.

5. Avoid Mislabeling Intentions: Refrain from assigning negative intentions to their actions. Instead, acknowledge their efforts positively.

6. Verbalize Drawbacks: Address any concerns or reservations they may have about seeking help. Validate their apprehensions to foster understanding.

7. Offer Options: Present solutions that align with their preferences and address their roadblocks. Make the process as easy and accommodating as possible.

8. Ask Yes or No Questions: Simplify decision-making by posing straightforward questions. Avoid overwhelming them with complex choices.

9. Short-Term Commitment: Propose small steps towards seeking help, such as attending a few counseling sessions, to ease their apprehension.

By implementing these strategies, you can facilitate a more productive and supportive dialogue with your loved one. Remember, progress may be gradual, but every positive step counts towards their journey to recovery.

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Amber Hollingsworth

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