Before You Send Your Addicted Loved One To Treatment, READ THIS!

People frequently discuss the low success rate of addiction treatment centers, which is generally below 20%. This seems insufficient, especially considering the high cost of these centers. However, the issue is not that their programs are ineffective or provide poor guidance.

Addiction treatment centers may have the necessary counselors and resources, but their success rates in achieving long-term recovery are low. This is because they often neglect the most crucial factor for long-term recovery.

That factor is motivation.

Addiction treatment centers can improve their ability to address an individual's motivation to recover by avoiding the assumption that every patient is inherently motivated to be there. Additionally, staff should not accept that they cannot assist someone until they are completely committed to recovery.

If someone is not benefiting from addiction treatment, it may be because they are not fully committed to sobriety. However, there is a specific rationale behind...

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The Ugly Truth Behind The Addiction Treatment Industry

After working in addiction and recovery treatment for almost 20 years, there are some not-so-pretty truths about the behind-the-scenes of the addiction treatment industry.
I want to help you understand this to be better equipped to pick the right help for you or a loved one.

The Diverse Treatment Options
One of the first things I want you to know is that there are different types of addiction treatment, from counseling to psychiatry, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, sober living, detox, recovery communities, and not-for-profit programs.
The first thing you need to do is educate yourself about what kind of options are out there.
When someone is ready to get help, they jump at whatever option is right in front of them.
I see this scenario play out often, and they usually don't make strategic decisions, which can waste a lot of time and money.
You only get so many shots at this and there are pros and cons to every single option.

I wrote an insider's guide on...

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