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addiction denial Nov 14, 2023

Navigating the Complexities of Addiction: A Deep Dive into Dr. Deloney's Advice

In a recent episode of the Dr. Deloney Show, the host tackled a deeply personal and challenging situation: a man struggling with alcohol addiction, which had led to the breakdown of his marriage. As we delve into the conversation, we witness Dr. Deloney's skillful navigation through the layers of addiction, offering insights, empathy, and practical advice.

The Beginning: A Story of Struggle

The caller begins by sharing his journey, highlighting key events such as an alcohol withdrawal seizure and the passing of his grandfather. Dr. Deloney keenly observes the conflicting messages – the acknowledgment of a severe drinking problem contrasted with the belief that legal troubles don't validate the severity of the issue.

Identifying Patterns: Unraveling the Cycle

As the caller recounts his attempts at recovery – from treatment in California to involvement in recovery programs with his wife – Dr. Deloney detects a recurring pattern of relapse. The caller poses two crucial questions: why he can't comprehend the root of his actions and how to manage the loss of communication with his long-term partner.

Empathy and Confrontation: Dr. Deloney's Approach

Dr. Deloney responds with a blend of empathy and confrontation. He acknowledges the caller's insights while subtly challenging potential self-pity. The importance of building a connection before offering advice becomes evident as Dr. Deloney emphasizes the need for a singular goal – staying sober.

Changing Environments: A Key Piece of Advice

The conversation takes a turn towards the idea of changing environments to break habitual behaviors. Dr. Deloney suggests considering relocation, emphasizing the significance of altering "people, places, and things." This advice aligns with common strategies in addiction recovery.

The Role of Family: Balancing Compassion and Tough Love

Dr. Deloney recognizes the caller's concern for his family and the difficulty of the situation. He delicately balances compassion with a reality check, asserting that the best way to defend the family is for the caller to be able to defend them.

The Importance of Commitment: A Call for Sobriety

Dr. Deloney's pivotal advice revolves around a commitment to sobriety. He urges the caller to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings for a designated period, emphasizing the need for a sponsor. This recommendation aligns with traditional recovery methods, urging individuals to immerse themselves in the process fully.

Exploring Possible Trauma: A Counseling Perspective

Dr. Deloney briefly explores the potential role of past experiences, gently suggesting a connection between childhood punishments and present struggles. However, he acknowledges the complexity of tracing the origin of addiction and highlights the importance of getting clean first.

The Conclusion: A Future Commitment

The conversation concludes with a heartfelt request from Dr. Deloney for the caller to commit to 60 days of sobriety and to reconnect for a follow-up segment. This call to action is both motivational and supportive, emphasizing the ongoing nature of recovery.

Dr. Deloney's interaction with the caller showcases a delicate balance of empathy, confrontation, and practical advice. The episode serves as a testament to the complexities of addiction and the importance of a multifaceted approach to recovery. As the caller embarks on the suggested path, the audience is left with a poignant reminder that addressing addiction requires a commitment to change and a supportive community.

Amber Hollingsworth

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