Amber's Top 10 Strategies For Getting An Alcoholic Out Of Denial

addiction denial Jan 16, 2024

Strategies to Help a Loved One Overcome Alcohol Denial
Dealing with a loved one's alcoholism can be challenging, especially when they are in denial. In this blog post, we'll explore ten effective strategies to help someone confront their alcohol issues. These tips, compiled from the Put The Shovel Down YouTube channel, emphasize the importance of empathy, understanding, and subtlety in approaching a sensitive situation.

1. Turn in Your Detective Badge:
If you suspect a loved one has an alcohol problem, avoid becoming overly preoccupied with proving it. Constantly questioning and spying can lead to trust issues and a cat-and-mouse game. Instead, focus on building open communication and trust.

2. You Don't Need a Full Confession:
Understand that individuals with alcohol use disorders will manifest their struggles through unmanageability. Avoid trying to force confessions, as it may backfire. Allow them to recognize the need for change on their own terms.

3. Model Humility:

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Is Your Spouse In Denial About Their Alcohol Addiction?

Cracking the Code: A Real Talk Guide to Helping Your Loved One Overcome Addiction

Today's post is a deep dive into a topic that hits close to home for many of us: helping someone we care about overcome addiction. I recently discussed this on my YouTube channel, emphasizing the importance of not just knowing the steps to get sober but understanding how to get someone to want to take those steps. It's not about being a counselor; it's about being a genuine support system. Let's break down the key insights.

Step 1: Ditch the Bad Guy Role
The first challenge is stepping out of the "bad guy" role. When dealing with someone struggling with addiction, it's common to feel the urge to come down hard on them. But the magic happens when you align with them unexpectedly. Don't play into the expected anger; instead, be on their side. Acknowledge the unfairness of their situation because, well, it's true.

Step 2: Become the Trusted Advisor
Next up is earning the role of the trusted advisor. It's...

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Strategies in Helping Addicted Loved Ones

addiction denial Nov 21, 2023

Navigating Addiction: A Guide to Triage and Intervention

If you're dealing with a loved one struggling with addiction, you know it can be an overwhelming and sometimes heartbreaking experience. In today's video, we're going to tackle a crucial aspect of dealing with addiction – triaging the situation. I'll walk you through three major categories to help you identify where your loved one might fit and guide you on the appropriate strategy to pursue.

Category 1: Functional but Still in Denial The first category we'll explore is what I like to call "functional but still in denial." It's a challenging situation where your loved one is managing to fulfill about 50% of their responsibilities despite their addiction. The catch is, that because they're still functional, they're often in denial about the severity of their problem.

Strategy: Natural Consequences and Empathy In this scenario, we need to let natural consequences unfold. It's not about imposing punishments but...

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Amber Reacts to Dr. Delony's Life-Changing Advice

addiction denial Nov 14, 2023

Navigating the Complexities of Addiction: A Deep Dive into Dr. Deloney's Advice

In a recent episode of the Dr. Deloney Show, the host tackled a deeply personal and challenging situation: a man struggling with alcohol addiction, which had led to the breakdown of his marriage. As we delve into the conversation, we witness Dr. Deloney's skillful navigation through the layers of addiction, offering insights, empathy, and practical advice.

The Beginning: A Story of Struggle

The caller begins by sharing his journey, highlighting key events such as an alcohol withdrawal seizure and the passing of his grandfather. Dr. Deloney keenly observes the conflicting messages – the acknowledgment of a severe drinking problem contrasted with the belief that legal troubles don't validate the severity of the issue.

Identifying Patterns: Unraveling the Cycle

As the caller recounts his attempts at recovery – from treatment in California to involvement in recovery programs with his wife...

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This Is How Addiction Counselors Know When Someone Is Ready To Get Sober

If you have an addicted loved one and want change, yelling, nagging, threatening, and pleading will do nothing except slow down the process. Stop trying those tactics. 

I've been treating people with addictions for 20 years and learned a lot over those 20 years. A lot about how to get someone out of denial, how people are thinking and feeling, how to remove roadblocks and help people decide to turn their life around. I'm here to help teach you everything I've learned...

I know it's hard not to yell, threaten, nag, and plead. It's an emotional reaction, and I feel this—the same way. Even after doing this for so long, I still want to do that. I have to fight it, and now and then, it still sneaks through.

Not only is it not practical to yell, nag, or threaten, but it will also not help you get your loved one to straighten up. Your loved one will run and get as far away as possible. Not only physically but also emotionally get far away.

Addiction counselors use a specialized...

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