Do Alcoholics Intentionally Try To Gaslight Their Loved Ones?

One thing about alcoholism that's particularly disconcerting is the memory issues that go along with it.

Alcoholics truly don't remember what happened when drinking (referred to as a blackout), and when their family is upset, they get irritated and feel like the other person is overreacting. It's a form of GASLIGHTING and will make you question your own sanity. In this type of circumstance, the alcoholic isn't intentionally trying to Gaslight their loved one, they just don't remember what they said or did during a blackout incident. 


But in other instances (like when you find their hidden alcohol), alcoholics intentionally try to make you think you're crazy. They may say something like, "that's been there for over 6 months. Don't you remember, your dad left that when he came at Christmas?" In these situations, the alcoholic person knows exactly what they're doing. They're trying to throw you off their scent or deflect the argument.  


Addicts and Alcoholics are like Ninjas! They can reverse their wrongdoing onto you in a skinny second, making you think you're crazy. This is just one of many manipulation tactics addicts and alcoholics use.  


In fact, I have an entire series of videos on manipulation tactics addicts and alcoholics use on their loved ones.  Be sure and check it out on YouTube! 

Learning to trust yourself is a huge step toward your own recovery! 

Amber Hollingsworth

 P.S. If you're worried about a loved one, you can schedule a phone consultation with one of our specialists today!  

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