How To Win Over Your Addict Significant Other

Understanding and Overcoming Marriage with a Functional Alcoholic: A Strategic Guide
Living with a functional alcoholic spouse can feel like constantly playing second fiddle to their addiction. In this blog, Amber Hollingsworth, a seasoned addiction counselor with over two decades of experience, sheds light on why some individuals prioritize alcohol over their relationships and offers strategic advice on how to navigate this challenging situation.

- Functional Alcoholism Defined: Hollingsworth simplifies the concept of functional alcoholism as the ability to stop drinking but the persistent choice not to. This distinction is crucial in understanding the dynamics within such relationships.

- Alcohol as a Protective Shield: Functional alcoholics often perceive alcohol as a friend, a stress reliever, and a source of pleasure. It serves as a shield against life's challenges, offering temporary relief from their troubles.

- Perception of the Spouse: Over time, spouses of functional alcoholics may inadvertently assume the role of the antagonist. Criticism, frustration, and emotional withdrawal contribute to a negative dynamic, reinforcing the alcoholic's skewed perception of their partner.

- Distorted Perspectives: Both parties view each other through distorted lenses, akin to Instagram filters altering reality. The alcoholic demonizes the spouse to justify their behavior, while the spouse feels marginalized and misunderstood.

- Reclaiming the Narrative: To break free from this toxic cycle, the spouse must reclaim their role as a supportive partner. Highlighting positive qualities, fostering emotional connection, and offering encouragement can counteract the negative narrative perpetuated by alcoholism.

- Empowerment through Action: While it may seem unjust, the burden often falls on the spouse to initiate change. By taking proactive steps to shift the dynamic, such as participating in Hollingsworth's Invisible Intervention Program, individuals can regain control and pave the way for mutual transformation.

Living with a functional alcoholic spouse presents numerous challenges, but it's not a hopeless situation. By understanding the underlying dynamics and taking strategic action, individuals can reclaim their relationships and overcome the grip of alcoholism. Hollingsworth's insights offer a beacon of hope for those navigating this complex journey.

Amber Hollingsworth



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