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We're here to help you recover your life (and your family) from addiction! We don’t believe in waiting for people to hit bottom. We want to help you… Before you lose everything Before your family falls apart Before you waste any more money on treatment that doesn’t work And after 20 years of helping families find recovery, we know what works and what doesn’t. Yes, we have lots of fancy addiction credentials, but this is NOT treatment. We are recovery consultants, here to help you assess your situation and navigate the nightmare maze of addiction without having to waste more time, money, and effort on strategies that don't work. So, buckle up - we're finally getting you into the recovery fast lane...

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We're NOT Your Typical Addiction Specialists...

You’ll quickly find out that our approach to addiction recovery is dramatically different from the mainstream recovery options… We don’t believe in a lot of the old-school addiction recovery philosophies. In fact, we think those beliefs can be quite dangerous. Most addiction professionals will tell you that… You’re powerless People have to “hit bottom” Families have to practice tough love These old-school philosophies actually slow down the recovery process, and oftentimes make things much worse! After 20 years of helping thousands of people and families, we have found that quite the opposite is true… Our Core Beliefs: Whether you’re the one with the addiction, or you’re the family member... You are NOT POWERLESS. People don't have to hit "rock bottom." Encouragement works better than tough love! We believe connection is the cure for addiction, so, instead of pushing families away, we encourage them to be involved

You Need A Game Plan

As you probably know, following your instincts doesn’t work…

Addiction throws you into survival mode.  When you're in that state of mind, it is very hard to think objectively and you end up making emotional decisions instead of logical decisions. 

You say things you don't mean, do things that can’t be undone, and destroy important relationships.

We're here to help you make strategic decisions...


Step 1: Identity what you need

A great place to start is with our FREE Resources.  Use these links to access our FREE downloads, or get expert advice on our YouTube channel or our blog.

These resources will help you rethink your situation, and find clarity about what needs to happen.

Step 2: Start taking action

If you're ready to start taking action.  You'll want to access our step-by-step action plans inside our Family Recovery Academy.  We have several online fast-track recovery programs. These programs are designed to help you start getting results quickly and inexpensively! 

Step 3: Overcome obstacles 

Addiction is very predictable but people are not! If you run into any special circumstances or you just want to make sure you're making the right decisions, we're here to help you navigate any and all pitfalls you may encounter. 

Make sure you schedule a consult with one of our family recovery specialists…

Tell us about the specifics of your situation, and together we’ll come up with a customized plan designed specifically for you.

Want Positive Results Within The First Week?

Having An Addicted Loved One Feels Very Lonely And Confusing.

Most of the time, you feel desperate and overwhelmed. And sometimes you feel so angry that you just want to throw things and scream.

To top it all off, it seems like everyone you talk to doesn't truly understand what you're going through and silently judges you for making your situation such a big deal. 

That's why I specifically created this Facebook group for those who have a loved one that is struggling with addiction.

If you want to find the support and encouragement you need FOR FREE, without feeling judged by everyone around you…

In order to gain different perspectives, advice, and support from people who battle with the same problems as you…

Join the Family Recovery Facebook Group

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