This Illusion Is Why It's Hard To Break Addictions' Hold

Understanding Short-Term Sobriety: What It Means and How to Navigate It

Are you witnessing your loved one embark on short bursts of sobriety, only to falter when it comes to committing long-term? This is a perplexing situation, leaving you questioning the reasons behind these cycles and how best to support them. In today's discussion, we'll delve into the various dynamics at play, helping you decipher these behaviors and offering insights on how to approach them effectively.

1. Setbacks in Long-Term Sobriety: Sometimes, individuals genuinely aspire for lasting sobriety but encounter setbacks along the way. Identifying triggers or unresolved issues is crucial in breaking this cycle and fostering sustained recovery.

2. Testing Self-Control: Others may engage in short-term sobriety as a self-validation exercise, attempting to prove they aren't bound by addiction. However, true addiction lies in the inability to control usage, not intermittent breaks consistently.

3. Exploring Sobriety...

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The Truth About Alcohol Relapse Triggers

relapse prevention Jan 23, 2024

Navigating Relapse: Understanding Triggers and Building Resilience

In today's blog post, we delve into the intricate factors involved in the relapse process, focusing on triggers and vulnerabilities. The journey to recovery is a challenging one, and understanding these elements is crucial for building resilience. Let's explore the key aspects:

1. The Vulnerability Crack:
The relapse process often involves a vulnerability, a crack in the armor where addiction can seep in. This vulnerability is often rooted in thoughts or processes, such as the fear of missing out, the belief that the grass is greener, or doubts about being an addict. The importance of protecting against this vulnerability is emphasized in a linked video.

2. Triggers: People, Places, and Things:
Triggers play a significant role in the automatic craving for addictive behavior, even for individuals committed to sobriety. The first trigger highlighted is people. Certain individuals in your life may be strongly associated...

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Addiction Relapse Prevention | Stay Sober This Holiday Season

Navigating Sobriety During the Holidays
If you're here, you or someone you care about is likely navigating the challenging terrain of sobriety, especially during the holiday season. I'm here to provide some insights and strategies to help you stay on track during this potentially tricky time.

The Holiday Challenge: Staying Sober Amidst the Festivities

Holidays, though joyous, can pose a significant challenge for those on the path to recovery. The festivities often involve disruptions to our regular schedules, increased social gatherings, and a general shift towards a 'vacation mode.' In a recent video on relapse prevention, I discussed the importance of keeping the gate closed to vulnerability, a crucial aspect of maintaining sobriety.

Identifying Triggers: Three Categories

1. **Vacation Mode and Substance Use Escalation:**
The most obvious trigger during the holidays is the widespread shift to vacation mode. People tend to indulge more in substances, making it a potential stumbling...

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